Ticket Questions


When I booked my package for the end of September, I had to buy 4 adult base tickets in order to get the dining plan for ‘free’.

We have Seasonal Passes, so I don’t need the 4 tickets, and was wondering if I am ‘allowed’ to give them to my friend for her family to use for the day.

I know they’ll be on our room keys. But, if they come down for the day, we’d all be traveling together, ANYway.

Do think I’ll be able to do it? I’m worried about the actual ‘enterance’ part.


Well I wish I had an answer for ya, but since I haven’t had to buy a WDW ticket in about 7 years, I just don’t know… :wink:


My understanding as that with the “biometrics” the tickets are tied to the first person who uses them (the only person since they’re one-day passes). The only time you need ID is if your fingers don’t work, and that doesn’t apply to children.

I think you should be okay.


Thanks Ginglesalltheway! I appreciate it.

Cram it, Dewey. :tongue:


Well that’s not very nice… Maybe folks don’t take your threads seriously because you tell us to “cram it.” And I stood up for you… My heart is breaking… :sad:


I also have a question along this line… We just returned from a trip in March and are going back in September.

I also did the ‘base ticket’ thing and we are annual pass holders. But I was hoping to use our tickets for the other 4 extended-family members who are going with us who have not been to Disney before.

But … I am afraid that since we already were there under our names and used the finger-biometric thingy that maybe it will know if someone tries to use tickets under our names?

Does anyone know if the finger-biometric thingy ‘stores’ info from previous visits as to who you are, or does it only work on the tickets on that particular room key?


THat’s a great question. Ugh. I would hate for my friends to drive all the way to Orlando, and then get embarrassed at the gate and turn away.

I might just call a CM and ask.


I thought the little :tongue: would be enough for you to know I was teasing.

I wish I never had to buy tickets! They’re pricey! :wink: If only I had thought ahead, and married a CM! :laugh:

I just don’t want my tickets to go to waste, and I want my friends to get in on our tickets, since they’re paid for, anyway.


Why are you rubbing that in, Dew??? :frown: NOT NICE… :dry:


My inclination is no. I just can’t imagine that when I use my new passes in October that the system will remember that I’m the same Allyson who used different passes in April.


You know, it really doesn’t do anything. I know people who purposely switch their passes around just for fun, and it always lets them in. Even if you have a problem, the CM’s just come over and let you through anyway. The machines are just too unreliable.


Well, you would be wrong then… :laugh:


I’m not rubbing it in. I’m just trying to add my perspective on this question… :wink:


Duly noted. Thanks!!! :wink:


WOW! That’s a first… You let me off pretty easy on that one… :biggrin:



Do I have a “Please hijack my threads” sticker on my butt?? Just let me know!


I’m on a post-EPCOT high, and I am pretty sure that my friends will be able to use those tickets, because Mickey Mouse loves me.


That’s interesting and good to know. WDW (and the guidebooks) pretty much have us to believe the biometric finger machine is very accurate and ties the ticket to the first person to use it. I did notice when someone had trouble they often just waved them through just to keep the line moving.


My DD & I switched tickets to “test” the system during our last visit. We each inserted our cards, placed our fingers on the scanner and presto…Green light! So our new question is, since we’re already in the “system” did it allow us entry based on that? Or is WDW messing with our minds??? hmmmm


I just hope my friends can use my room keys to enter, since I already paid for the tickets in.