Ticket upgrades


I have another question, one that the WDW website can’t answer. My DS and I were lucky enough to take part in the “Give a day, get a day” promotion this year, so we get to spend one day at our favorite park on Disney:simba:

My question…can we upgrade this one day, one park ticket into a park hopper ticket???

We haven’t visited the resort in a while, won’t have too much time to spend there (taking a long weekend trip), and can’t decide which park to visit (we LOVE them all).


I do believe you can. I think you will have to pay the price difference on a 1 day park hopper option.


no that’s not an option, or it wasn’t this summer when we went. You can use it as a credit to apply towards a multiple day ticket, a ticket for a 1 park/1 day visit, a fast pass but only if it’s not being used to enter the park or a special hat figurine.
I could be wrong but I didn’t think there was even an option for a 1 day park hopper. I thought it started on a 2 day tic.


nvr mind, there are 1 day hoppers. I was thinking of another tic. But we still weren’t given the hopper as an option on the GADGAD program. Would’ve been nice since it would’ve saved us from having to pay to upgrade to hoppers