Tickets and room key?


I know this has been discussed before but I can’t find a definitive answer.

I have a DVC reservation for room only. I am going to buy my park tickets at check-in at the resort.

Will they put my park tickets on the room key…or…will I get a room key and a separate park card?

:mickey: Thanks:mickey:


I would like to know this answer to this too as my first DVC visit is coming up and I will be buying tickets at check-in as well.


They can do it either way.


If you are told no, then question it.

When we went in June/July last year, we had tickets from a previous trip. They said they could not put the tickets on the room keys. It sure would have been easier if they had.


If you purchase the tickets at the desk at check in, they can put it on your room key. If you bring tickets with you, they cannot. I don’t understand why, but they can’t. They put the DDP on your room key so it’s really annoying…


That’s good to know!!!


I don’t find having my ticket separate from my key to be much of a problem, but we have APs, so it’s not an option anyway. I’m just commenting, it isn’t so bad.


Yes I just called them today. If you purchase them somewhere else they will not put them on the room keys. But if you purchase them @ WDW they will.


Makes sense to me.

As a father of 4 kids under the age of 10, I am the keeper of the tickets. It would be easier if they were all on the room keys.


I feel you…I am only the keeper of two keys and tickets and it’s still a bit much. It’s not horrible, but it could be simplified by having them all in one.


Rlander’s away today… so thanks for the help guys!!


opps…forgot to say thanks for the answer. In the past we have bought our tickets at the Disney Store and end up with 4 room keys and 4 tickets. Like Cincy said, being the keeper of the tickets it will be easier on the pocket with only 4 cards instead of 8.


Do you still get the advanced purchase discount if you purchase at check in? We too are staying DVC in November and I would have 8 different cards to keep up with if we do seperate.


I was just talking to a CM the other day and she said if you purchase online there is no reason they can’t put it all on 1 key, your dining options will be added. I would question it and see if someone else may know how to do it because that might be the problem-someone just doesn’t know how to yet.


I always keep everything on my lanyard so it’s no biggy but it would be easier if all were on one.


This is really good to know! Last time, DH and I were juggling a bunch of single-day tickets and we were paranoid the entire time that we would accidentally lose one of them. :pinch: Of course, they were tickets given to us by a friend, so we didn’t really have a choice this time.

But it’s good to know that next time we can purchase our tickets there and have them added to our keys! That would save a lot of worry for me. I’ve always hated having to carry paper tickets. :noo: