Ticket's are making me crazy


My question is if I buy a 4 day ticket with no expire and water park option, and we only use 2 day and water park. Can we use two days at a later day with water park again? How does the water park tickets work? Thanks


Yes. The water parks, disney quest, etc will stay on the tickets.

We bought 10 day non-expiring tickets. Disney was running a deal to get the water parks and more for free. We used 5 days at the parks and went to PI and Disney Quest. We did not go to the water parks since it was January. 18 months later we went back and used the remaining 5 days and went to the water parks.

Hope that helps.


They key is the no expiration option. Think of it as your tickets being on hold until the next time you choose to use them.


I can’t add much. As long as you’ve got the no expire option, what you have essentially are 4 single day park hoppers and (I think) two single day waterpark/DisneyQuest tickets that you can use anytime. Remember, you can spend a whole day in a water park and not even use your theme park tickets, saving them for another day altogether. As long as you’re buying no-expire tickets if your budget allows, I would suggest considering buying more than a 4 day ticket as the cost starts to drop rapidly when you add more days. This is also a hedge against future ticket price increases, as well as a hedge should Disney ever open a 5th park before you use your tickets.