Tickets cheaper with Disney package or buying early?


Should I buy a 10-day ticket now and lock in the price before an increase next year or should I wait and get my tickets with a Disney Vacation package later next year? Which is cheaper?

Also, if they do run the free meals deal again next year, do you have to buy a package with tickets to do it?


To be eligible for a MYW package yo need to purchase a minimum of 1 day park pass. I would try to beat the price increase and buy tickets now.:cool:


I agree. The prices for tickets will go up for sure. Buy now.

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That’s a bit of a gamble. You could buy the MYW 10day passes now and save on the increase. Book a room only…if the free dining does break, change your room only into a pacakage deal by adding a one day MYW pass for everyone in your group. 10 days worth of food for the price of a one day ticket…not bad. If free dining doesn’t break, you have your less expensive park passes and a room and possibly a shot for a discount on the room…maybe, but don’t hold your breath…lol Getting a package deal now really doesn’t make sense if you don’t want the other perks of the package. The dining plan is a good deal regardless of it being free or not, so there is that to consider too…to many choices…lol


What extras are we talking about with a package? Outside of things like Putt Putt or Gift Certificates for Planet Hollywood? Can you still get the Disney Shuttle service without getting a package? Disney trip planning is so complex now a days. lol

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I am not sure about the Magical Express, but it would make sense that if you have room reservations at a Disney Resort, that they’d pick you up from the airport.

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Dopey is right, you don’t need a package to use Magical Express, any room reservation works.


Just that kind of stuff…putt putt and all that jazz…nothing speical in my opinion. You can definately get ME with or without a package…just need a WDW resort reservation.


Alright, thanks everyone.

As much as I know about Disney, I still feel like I know so little sometimes. :blush:

Luckily, I got friends and DCers, um… Buzzers that can frequent the parks more often than me to ask things such as this. :wub:


OK, I went way left field this time. It’s been three years since my last trip. I have a two year old daughter to take this time. WooHoo. I officially made reservations and you will never guess where? Doubletree at Downtown Disney!!??! I am going for ten days and the Earlybird special for a One Bedroom/One Living room suite was only $79 a night so I jumped at the bargain. It includes Fridge, Microwave, and Breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids each night of your stay. I could not pass that up. Plus the rooms look very comfortable and nice. However, I have never stayed at a non-official Disney resort when at Disney, and for ten days I hope I made the best choice. At any rate, it will be a fun and different kind of trip. They have their own Bus transportation to the parks and we plan to rent a car.

Anyway, just had to get the official vacation lock in out there. This trip has been on and off for two years now. I am glad it’s a little more official with the ressies in place. Sept 10 - 22!!! :laugh:

So now, back to one of my earlier questions, where should I buy my tickets? And how soon do you think the prices will increase?


Since you plan to rent a car go through costco. You don’t even have to be a member to rent there. Just go to Offering thousands of items you won’t find in your local Costco. click on Travel then Rental cars. Go to the Alamo site. You will have the option of a couple of different coupons. a $25.00 off coupon a $20.00 off coupon and a Free day. Check with all the coupons, some work better than others depending on the type of car you want. Plus you get some free insurance with the rental and you get an additional driver. The prices on these rentals are great. The best part is you are already saving an average of 20-25% off the rental booking it through Costco. Also, if Alamo is having any sales it will also apply to the rental. Typically, I will go ahead and reserve the car, then check back periodically to check to see if the price is any lower than what I already have it booked for. So if you book then it is lower the next time you check. You can cancel that reservation and book the new reservation. I hope all of this makes sense to you. If you need help or questions let me know. Have a Magical Trip!


Spider- visit for discount ticket info. I have never been able to find tickets cheaper than their recommended ticket sellers.


You can usually get tickets cheaper at AAA Sometimes they run specials for 7 day tickets. It is definitely the cheapest that I have seen.


Ok I just looked on line at you can get a 7 day ticket for $211.50 that is a savings per ticket of 7.50 each. Not a great deal but not to bad.


Is that before or after tax? I went with a Mousesavers newsletter deal that was 217.95 after tax.

Thanks for the tips on Rental Cars too btw.


I stayed at the doubletree with my mom and sister in Aug of 06. It was very spacious and comfortable. I think it is a good deal for the money.