Tickets Recieved!


Okay… I got my tickets in via UPS on Friday!

It was a little scarry… I almost thru them away! I found a UPS envelope near our garbage can in the garage and it looked old so I assumed it was already open… upon further investigation I found our Disney Tickets!!! :noo:

So I am very glad my curiousity got the better of me!!!

Copies are made and the tickets are in a nice safe place…

(**Always make a photo copy of your tickets… Disney can, but does not have to void the ticket you lost and replace it…but only if you have a photo copy of the original!!)


Wow, good thing you didn’t throw them out…what a bummer that would’ve been!


wow Ron thats lucky you checked other wise I dont know what you would have done


oh wow, close call. I’m glad you opened the package, that would have been ugly.


:eek: Tragedy averted! (deep breath!)


Good Thread Ron-man. Ours came in last weekend, but I failed to make a copy.
Now, if old age doesn’t erase my short term re-call, I will take care of that this evening.
Thanks, bud.


And how many times did you say “this is my lucky day” after you found them. It’s scary where packages are left. Once we had a package under our porch bench. The UPS guy thought he was doing us a favor hiding it for us. The only thing is we had no idea it was there. We found it a couple of days later.


Your tickets came…and you found them! HOORAY!!! :wink:

(doesn’t the trip seem that much closer now???)


WOAH! I would call the local UPS pronto! That is not cool. You could have lost them forever. Gladyou are curious and happy that your tickets are photo copied and ready for your trip.


Great reminder on making those copies Ron!!
I’m picking up my tickets at AAA this weekend, and would have forgotten about making copies.


Oh, my…good thing you looked in that envelope! Not much longer now!


Well…ah never mind…just waaaayyyy too easy!

Great reminder about making copies Ron! :wink:


Is it me or is the whole ticket thing just so antiquated? I mean, why can’t they do something electronically like somehow combining your tickets with your room card if you’re staying on property or maybe tying it in with your ID somehow. There’s just got to be a better way than carrying around some paper tickets for a week.


I’m with you! I thought that the tickets would be placed on my room key if I stayed onsite… but alas they are not…


oh my! That could have been awful! Good job you were a little curious huh?!
Happy for you ~ not long to wait now x


That’s awesome Ron. I don’t suppose the dates on those tix are for about 2 weeks later than you had originally planned? No? Oh well… You can’t blame a man for hoping… :biggrin: