I’m doing a lot of planning right now and I’m having a serious mental lapse. O.k…I’m staying at WDW for 12 days and I’m thinking of purchasing 8 day park hopper tickets. When I use them for the first time does that start the ‘clock ticking’ on the 8 days or each time I use the tickets that counts as one day?? Make sense??


Dude, I believe the clock ticks at your first use.


You have 14 days from the first day you use your pass (counting that day) to use up all the days or to upgrade it to the no expiration option. :mickey: So, it will last your whole 12 day vacation!


Gotcha! thanks!


I believe after 14 days your ticket turns into a pumkin–making a nice souvenier that you can bake into a pie.

(Some tickets turn into mice–not so nice.)


Why not purchase 9 or 10 day passes? The difference between the prices is so minimal, and it’ll give you a little extra freedom to go where you please, when you please.


Good idea, that will give us more time to do whatever we what. :wink:


Great tip!!

So many people don’t realize the miminal price difference between 7, 8 and 10 days.


It’s only a few dollars!!! Definitely makes sense! Even if you use it just for an ADR at Epcot one night, you won’t see it as a park day wasted. It’s only a few bucks!!!


Go for the 10 day ticket, there is hardly any difference in price! Then you can go to a park just to see the fireworks if you feel like it!


My thoughts exac~er~leeeeeeee!!! :happy:


Check out annual pass. I found it to be better deal for a 7 day trip for us, and will end up using it for 4 extra trips that I wouldn’t have otherwise…which included the Expedition Everest Sneak A Peak Weekend!!!

Don’t have to pay park admission, just airfare (I LUV SW) and DVC points for lodging. At least that’s my excuse…

Also…get the park hopper and never expires option. That way you can hit any park and if you don’t use all the days they are still good.