My friend is going in August, she asked me what is the cheapest way to buy park tickets…
she asked me about AAA but i never “JUST BOUGHT TICKETS” so i couldn’t tell her…
Does anyone have any suggestions?


There are a few very reputable online ticket brokers that will save you money. and
are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I have purchased from all of them IIRC.

If you sign up for the mousesavers newsletter, they will send you a code for even more of a discount on the undercovertourist prices


The only time I ever bought tickets (without a package) was through Ticket Mania. It was easy, much cheaper than buying them at the gate, and they arrived fast in a big envelope stuffed with all sorts of Disney/Universal/Orlando brochures! It was definitely an exciting way to get tickets! :happy: Seriously, the big Priority Mail envelope they came in was practically overflowing with all sorts of fun goodies to look at.

That was a few years ago and I don’t know if anyone has used them since then, but they were great for me. Ticketmania, Florida theme park tickets


Oh, and I almost forgot that I have also bought them directly at the AAA office. (Those were Disneyland tickets, though…I don’t know what they offer WDW-wise?) It was definitely a big savings!


We always purchase ours through Undercover tourist. Never had a problem. Sign up for Mousesavers Immediately! They send their newsletters out on the 15th of every month with the discount link. So tomorrow you will get it, if not you/she will have to wait another month, which may be too late!

Also, heard that tickets are going to rise on August 2nd!


Ticketmania and Undercovertourist are the ones we have bought from. Had a good experience with both!


Thank you All!!!
I passed along the info to her!!!
Thank you!!! :wink:


I heard that ticket prices are going up the first weekend in Aug. Tell her to buy them now, they are good forever and up to 13 days from first use.


oh good point thank you!!!