I noticed on one of the e-mails I got from MouseSavers, it said that during the Christmas Holidays at EPCOT there are Tiers 1,2,3… Can anyone tell me what that means. My husband, sister, mom, and I will be there the day after Christmas. I know call me crazy but we only have 1 day. My husband couldn’t get more time off from work. We want to see the Christmas show that they have.

Is there a special place where we can see the sign language interpreters or do we have to reserve that before hand?

Thanks for any help you can give.



The tiers only pertain to the pre-purchased Candlelight Processional dinner package. This dinner package allows you to enter into a reserved section for the show.

It is arranged in tiers to represent the expense levels of the resturants. The higher the tier, the more expensive the restaurant and the package for it.


Also, check out allears to see which shows have sign language. I can tell you for sure that Marlee Matlin’s shows will.

You don’t NEED the package to see the show. I would only recommend doing it if you’re planning on going on a weekend or very close to Christmas.


Oops! Just found this at allears:

Is Sign Language Interpretation Available?

Lisa Crawford writes (10/14/02): I received an email from Mark Jones, the sign language coordinator at Disney today, informing me that all performances of the Candlelight Processional will have sign language interpretation available. This is a change from last year where it was only available on Tuesday and Friday. Anyone with questions or wanting more information should contact Mark Jones at [email]mark.jones@disney.com[/email].


American Sign Language interpretations have been part of every performance of the Candlelight Processional for quite a few years now.

Although this page seems to have been written quite some time ago, I think it will provide you with valuable information about Disney and ASL.