Tiffany Town Cars + Grocery Stop?


We are going to be having Tiffany Town Cars pick us up from the airport in August and we’ve been offered a free 30min grocery stop. Has anyone used this before and where do they stop??


I have used the grocery stop with quicksilver…they (the towncars) usually stop at a Publix. You should call their 800 number and ask them where they normally stop. I think it can vary…you may be able to pick.

On a side note: I hope your experience is better than the one I had. My last experience with them was a nightmare…the driver taking us back to the airport was so bad, that I didn’t tip her and I NEVER do that…just shows you she was that bad…road rage and just craziness.


Do you remember her name? Did it start with an A? If so, we had her too and is the reason we’re going with Quicksilver this trip.


I can’t remember what it was. I had a different woman driver both ways…the going to the resort from the airport wasn’t bad, but the one going back to the airport…holy momma…I wanted to slap her and I am not kididng.


The only problem we ever had with Tiffany Town Cars was when they forgot about us at Sea World! Ill get my dad to give them a ring about the stop. If we do stop at a Publix though, what should we expect? Variety and price wise that is


Forgot you at SW? wow…

As for Publix, the variety and pricing was just fine in my opinion. I only got drinks there, but that seemed to be ok price and variety-wise. On par or lower that what I would pay for at home, so it didnt’ bother me. I guess it depends on where you live and what you pay now for the items you are looking for. They have a website to give you an idea of pricing I think.


We used the grocery stop every trip without a problem.
We stopped a Publix each time.
It really comes in handy!


Back then they didnt have the ‘ring us an hour before you leave’ service (if they did they forgot to tell us!) we just told them a time in the morning (say 6pm) and they promised to be outside waiting. When we got out there, there was no car waiting. We waited around for a real long time until my dad finally just rang the head office. Turned out the guy who was suppose to pick us up had just forgot about us and gone on another job. They couldnt have apologised more and sent out another car straight away. Im pretty sure we got a discounted rate too because of the mess up.


We have used Tiffany Town car several times and have had a good experience every time. They will stop where you want (within reason).

The last time we traveled to Disney we used the Magical Express and although you may not always have seating next to each other it was part of the package and worked out well.



If you look at the book (not sure about the website) Unofficial guide, it will give you a price comparison from the various stores.

I have tried several of the services and found QuickSliver to be the best.


We have used the Tiffany Towncar grocery stop and they stopped at a Publix - it was very convenient, and the driver pulled right up front to pick us up and helped us load our groceries into the trunk.

On the down side, I had an experience almost exactly like Dana’s the last time I used Tiffany…the driver on the way back to that airport made me fear for my life! Not only was his driving terrible, but he was very rude! I haven’t used Tiffany since.

Oh I just realized this thread is kinda old…:blush:


have used tiffany exclusively for the last 10 trips at least,never had a bad experience .all the drivers have been excellent,also they are sometimes now using free lance drivers and acrs the service also was excellenet

their fares are very good considering the time we live in…you never know but all my expeiences have been positive


they use publix,prices are OK it is a non card or club store,so everyone gets the same price…tiffany like I said before has always been very,very good…no complaints