Tigger Once in a lifetime incredible TRIP REPORT!


So this past friday I snuck onto property and road the new Test Track and the new StarTours. I did a bunch of other stuff but really if I told you either I would be arrested or maybe on the run for the rest of my life…nobody here wants that so lets keep it to those two new rides and maybe a few assundry items.

We arrived and to throw off Disney security we parked at DHS. Boy was that a mistake but we will get back to that later. We hoped the boat over to EPCOT…we were meet by the Cinderella’s step sisters and step mother who helped us into the park. Incredibly it was pretty empty which made it harder for us to blend into the crowd.

Snaking around the UK and Canadian pavilions we finally made it to the Club Cool were we tried to make contact to other agents via the use of a Beverly signal. I had to drink 3 to finally make the contact. I was told that everything was go and proceed as instructed.


Exactly what was in that drink…were you seeing people in pink tutus?


:laugh: Just testing to see if anyone is actually reading?


…I would fail at the 3 Beverlys…and “M” would have to pull me out of circulation…:blow:


From Club Cool we headed to the new StarBucks at Fountain View. The whole inside has been redone. It looks like a Starbuck built for massive amounts of traffic. They could probably server the whole city of Seattle in about an hour and be none the worse for ware.

We than evaded security and got into Test Track. They didn’t even notice we entered. Luckily they were having to explain FP to some way word travelers looking for the FP entrance.

Let me start that I am not a Chevy fan. GM as a whole not really a fan…ok I have lived in Florida long enough that some Cadillacs are starting to appeal to me (ok so I might be getting old as well).

Well done Disney and Chevy…well done indeed.

While the old TT was fun…it was actually more annoying than fun. The new TT preshow is really cool. It was neat to see all the design (and hopefully over the next ten years they change out some of the displays to keep it current) aspect of automotive industry. It was a lot more pleasant than all that banging and clanking of the old TT preshow.

There was also a few interactive preshow activities as well.

Ummm they must know about me…my power just cut out and I need to post this before my battery backup goes down.


Ok I have moved to a safer location.

I was saying, the preshow is much improved and interactive. They are using RFID technology to allow you to build your own car virtually. You can pick they type of car (sports, sedan, truck-like), refine the shape, pick the engine, tires but most importantly color and decals…oh and we put some fins on our car.

Be aware there is a timer on this activity…

Once you have that done you are loaded into a test vehicle. As you load you again use the RFID technology to link you car to your test vehicle. After a quick belt check they whisk you round basically the same track but without the dorky spiel. It is more high tech and virtual looking and along the way you see how your created car is doing in the testing.

At the end of the testing you get a read out of how your car would work over all…are car of course was spectacular. This is mainly due to it being hot pink with flames and big tires. Chevy didn’t agree so there wasn’t one waiting for us when we left…anyway they did allow us to cut a commercial (don’t miss this at the end, it is right around the corner from the ride photos) and emailed it to myself but like most chevy products it is still in the shop.

The post show is about the same. You can sit in Chevy products and there are now displays you can get your photo with different cars…hurrah.

Much needed updating and improvements to TT.

After TT we headed over to SSE…we had been told there was a message waiting for us…in the future. The message was pretty disappointing. Apparently in the future I will go on vacation and break my arm. Luckily my wife will have gotten her Md and will be able to tend to my broken arm.

It appears that in the near future they will be able to halt the aging process because it looks like we hadn’t aged at all. And they have also appeared to have found some really good weight loss plan…I have never been as skin as I will be in the future! I was so skinny my head was freakishly large but hey I was skinny!

Next we were told to go yak on a yeti…no idea what that meant. Hoped on transportation to Notazoo.


All that yakking must be from the Beverly. No wonder you’re so skinny in the future.


Nothing wrong with the Beverly…


[QUOTE=tigger;1137896]Ok I have moved to a safer location.

The post show is about the same. You can sit in Chevy products and there are now displays you can get your photo with different cars…hurrah.


You can do WHAT in a chevy?


We got off the bus at AK and headed to Yak and Yeti for lunch. After lunch we rode EE. Than we watched the Parade. After wandering around for a bit we decided that we had thrown Disney off our trail and hopped a bus back to DHS.


We arrived back at DHS and weaseled our way past Storm Troopers and even Darth Vader to StarTours. Luckily a Starspeeder was waiting for us and we were whisked away to safety…we thought.

First let me say that I really wish they never ever created the C3P0 character…he is the Jar Jar Bing of the first trilogy. I understand the he and R2D2 play a roll of narrating characters (in the grand tradition of greek theater structure) but man I just want to punch him. Pintel and Ragetti are how you do narrating characters…

I know that this has been going for while now and I followed the roll out and changes. I have to say Disney once again improved an existing ride by really some simple upgrades. The 3D is much better, the ride story(s) are like you are actually in the movie (I love the fact that there are a number of combinations of the scenes in the ride so it is not the same ride every time ). But…the motion is still pretty jerky (couldn’t bring friends with back problems on it) and that blasted C3PO always in mid pant wetting is the narrator.

I know that Star Wars fans love this ride and I do think it is much better but Disney still has room to improve it. I can’t wait what they do in the new StarWarsLand. The Star Wars universe has so much to work with and so many stories to tell. I expect better things than Star Tours.

We left Star Tours and got some light refreshment at the ABC Comm. The crowds were building and the heat was on. After wandering around we decided to head for the door.

On the way out it seemed that news had leaked out that I was at DHS because it seemed that most of Orlando was trying to get in. I am not kidding when I say it took well over an hour to get off property and headed back to Casa Tigger Secret Tropical Volcanic Lair™…it made me really wish we would have taken the flying car but it was in the shop getting a new missile rack installed.

I don’t know when I will make it back. I am sure that Disney has been having meetings on how to upgrade security to keep me out.


These kind of trips are really memorable because you have so much things attached with this, and it makes you happy when you remember them.


Loooove it!


Love the report!:heart: