Tiggerfan74's TR Feb. 4-12 2006


My trip report Feb. 4- 12 2006
Day 1 Feb. 4 – Well, it is a very rainy day, but we still manage to leave around 10:30 A.M. which is earlier than we had expected. Despite the rain most of the drive, we arrive at the Wilderness Lodge around 12:30 P.M. We walk through the doors, and DD is just so excited! We go to the check in counter and since we are early, we wonder if we will be able to get early check-in. YES!!! We do get it and head off to our room on the 4th floor with a woods view. After a bit of a hike (which wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t want to see the room so badly) we finally get to the room. We open the door to a really cute room with the bunk beds DD wanted. DH goes over and opens the curtains to check out our view. Not bad, we can see the Contemporary and the boats and monorails going by. DD is very impressed with that. (Who knew it would get better) Well, within 15 minutes, luggage arrives so we get all unpacked. At this point we realize that in our excitement to get to WDW we didn’t stop for lunch and we are kinda hungry. We go back downstairs to Whispering Canyon and have a really good lunch. Pretty quiet and laid back too.( I don’t know if it was just because of the time of day, because that wasn’t the case on a couple of later visits)Anyway, we are done with lunch by about 2:45 and hadn’t really decided what to do with our extra time when DD says she wants to go to MK and ride IASW. Well, ok and off we go! We take the launch from WL to MK. Nice quick ride. We head to Guest Services to activate our AP’s and then we are in!! I love that first walk down Main Street. It just really makes it feel real. We had promised DD that IASW could be first so we head straight for it. We get on no problem. Then DD wants to go check out the Pooh’s Playful Spot. We do that for about 15 minutes and then moves over to Tomorrowland to the people mover, a favorite of all of ours! After that we decide to start working our way back up front. We stop in a couple shops on Main Street and DD wants a Princess hat with Mickey ears. No problem, says daddy. We leave to get to our reservation at Ohana. We decide to take the resort monorail to the Poly. We had some time to kill so we decided to take a walk back towards the TTC and see if we could find our brick that we had purchased the year we got married. We found it and DD thought it was pretty cool,(but then of course wondered why she didn’t have one with her name on). After an explanation, it is back to the Poly for our first visit to Ohana! From the beginning, I love Ohana. We get an excellent table with a view of Cinderella’s Castle. DD joins in for all the fun games and they even did a B day celebration for her. Great service, and the food was awesome! We loved it. There was so much of it and that dessert, oh so good. Since it was my first visit I never had the other dessert, but I thought this one was amazing ! Oh and did I mention my Lapu Lapu? A drink served to you in a huge pineapple, and my, was it strong! Only 1 for me please ! After dinner we took the resort monorail back to MK, then the launch back to the WL. This is when we get our one minor disappointment of the day. Roaring Forks while open, does not have a beverage station open and therefore are not selling the refillable mugs. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? So DD and DH decide they want to go swimming so off we go. (I sit by the pool and watch.) After that we head on back up to the room and at night I see that we can sort of see the castle from our room. We know this means we may be able to see Wishes from our room. We hurry up and get showered and ready for bed so we are ready to relax and enjoy the fireworks when they start. So, we get the extra blanket from the closet and DD and I go out on to the balcony and she sits on my lap as we try to keep warm under the blanket. Wishes starts and we can see all of it except what is over the castle, cause those are kinda low. We can even hear the music. DD falls asleep in my lap, and I finish watching the show and then we are off to bed. End of day 1.


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Sounds like you had a magical first day!

Keep it coming!!


Wonderful first day, and what could be better then having your child fall asleep on your lap while watching wishes! :wub:


What a great day! I hope the rest of your trip was wonderful :mickey:


That was a pretty great ending to the day !! :wub:


That’s so cool that you could see the fireworks! What a great room!


Wow! What a great first day!!! I wanna hear more!


wow your trip report sounds amazing cant wait to hear more ( My favorite resort is WL because we honeymooned there )


What a wonderful first day! I am glad you liked WL and got a room with a great view.


Awesome first day!


What a wonderful first day! It must have been great to see the fireworks from your balcony. I can’t wait to read more.


Day 2 coming later today … It is an all day Epcot event so it may take me awhile to write it ! By the way, any hints at how to do this would be great. I’m a first time TR writer hope I’m not too long winded or putting in too many details.


There can never be too many details! Write with your heart! Remember, we are all Disney fans here, no need to hold back! Great first day by the way!


Day 2 Feb. 5- Wake up today around 7:00A.M. We let DD sleep an extra ½ hour and she gets a wake up call from Mickey at 7:30 A.M. She loves it!! We had pre-ordered breakfast from room service so it arrives around 7:35A.M. After breakfast we get ready and head off to Epcot. We get there before 9 and wait just a few minutes before going in with the crowd in a mad dash to Soarin. No kidding, it was as if everyone in that park was there for that ride! However, after riding it, I could see why. It was awesome. After Soarin we go on Living with Land. It’s not the most exciting ride, but it’s a staple of Epcot. We then head over to the Living Seas for Turtle Talk. I can not say enough about this show. It is so wonderful. DD absolutely loved it. After that we walked through The living seas and then headed over to one of DD’s new favorite rides, Journey into Imagination. She loves Figment. She even got one after the ride. At this point we are kinda hungry, so we stop for a snack. Then it’s off to Innoventions. After that Club Cool. (got DH to try Beverly HA HA) Then we are off to my favorite part World Showcase. We start in Canada at the kidcot, and then look around the whole pavilion. It is so beautiful. We finally make it to Morocco for our lunch reservation at Marakkesh. We really enjoyed it.( DH really like the belly dancer). We slowly amble around the entire World Showcase shopping and enjoying every inch of all the pavilions. Finally, it is time to head to our dinner reservation at LeCellier. I have been so looking forward to this. It did not disappoint. I loved it !!! The soup was out of this world, as was my filet with BBQ sauce and my maple crème brule. Our server Courtney was wonderful. She gave DD a special dessert for her B-day and a card signed by a lot of the staff with where in Canada they were from under their name. It is so cool. That is just one of many wonderful interactions with a CM. After dinner we were feeling pretty tired, so decided to go back and hang out at the hotel for the rest of the evening. Watched Wishes again, and went to sleep. Day 3 is my DTD shopping day!! More on that later.


awe more teasing but great trip report so far


Tried to post a picture of the card, but it is saying to large to post.


All you have to do is shrink it…I am not very technical so I’ll do my best to try and explain it:
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And by the way!! The day you were at MK and eating at Ohana I was at Epcot and SUPPOSED to (but didn’t) eat at LeCellier…The day you were at Epcot and eating at LeCellier I was at MK and eating at Ohana!
How weird!!


Bella, that is weird !! Too bad it wasn’t the same we could’ve met !!