Tiggerific Mini M&G...The Poll


This is the interactive part of the show so pay attention. Please select which QSR you would like to meet at for the Tiggerific Mini Meet, Greet, and Bounce!

And yes you can participate even if you aren’t planning on being there…because you will all be there in spirit.


no poll tigger…maybe you were bouncing too much to click the button :tongue:


oops! nm there it is now :smile:
I plan on being there but I have never even heard of any of those places hee hee
But why a quick service not a sit down place?


QSR because it is a mini M&G during the day. We can spend as much time as we want together then If after lunch people want to head off with to ride the rides with DC M&G friends :mickey: …just thought QSR would be more flexable.

Here is info:


Hope to see you there!


hey Thank tigger!!!
I voted for Sunset Ranch Market - but having never been there I don’t really know…ANYTHING will be awesome :mickey:

Thanks for getting this set up!


I would love to be there but it has to be in spirit. If I send you my mugshot, maybe you can print it out and give it a place next to you. I voted for Starring Rolls Cafe’ - love their pastries :wub:


Did I miss something? When is this Mini M&G?

(Tigger - you better not be rolling your eyes at me!)


I voted ABC Commissary b/c I love the Cuban sandwich there. Although, I won’t be there :sad: so whatever you choose I am sure would be a blast.

I also say the Commissary is good b/c it’s usually fairly slow and there’s lots of space to push tables together, etc.


Found it…nevermind.


I voted Sunset Ranch Market, because I don’t know where it is, and I like a challenge!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I voted for the commisary because it’s Air Conditioned…and when your M&G is planned, it will be WARM outside!!!


When is this M&G?


Look at my Sig :wink:

May 13th between 11:00 and Noon


I won’t be there :sad: but I voted ABC for the reasons mentioned above…good food, AC and lots of tables!


I won’t be there, but I chose the ABC Com. You’re under cover if it rains, and there’s lots of tables to spread out at.


Ohh…WOAH IS BELLA…I won’t be at the M and G…ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh the pain…

But I voted for ABC Commissary anyways.


I voted for the ABC Commissary. I figured since it’s indoors with A/C is a good thing and it’s big so there would be no problems finding enough seats for all the DC knuckleheads. :laugh:


I voted for the Sunset Ranch Market, sounds good and I rather be outside then inside, enjoying the weather.


Saturday May 13th sounds great to me!!!