Tiggerlovers animal kingdom adventure


the Cast Myself ( tiggerlover ) disney freak
Richard ( dh ) disney freak since I am

ok about two weeks ago we decided to go to AK for the day this last Saturday so here is what happened

We got up at 5 am ( I know we live only about an hr and half away but we wanted to be at AK for opening ) We got on the road about 6:30 am .We got to kissimmee about 8 am .We were quite hungry and decided to stop at Waffle house food was great service was great and we were out by 8 :30 am

OFF to AK we go we took the 536 ( I think thats the road or is it 535 I dont even look I just know the roads like the back of my hand ) we get to the AK parking lot and Knew it was going to be a crazy day the lot was packed We get out get moving and see a tour group . Oh no we start running because we dont want to be anywhere near that tour group . We get in line and well we found out it was going to be a stressful day for CM the computer system went down and well lets just say it took longer then normal to get in .

We booked it over to EE the line for the ride and the fast pass machines were merged it looked horrible there was a mass crowd we had no clue where to stand . We found out later that the computer system also messed with fast pass and they were doing them manually until the decided fast pass was stopped for the whole day . We figure out where to go and got in standy by line it went fast because we met a father and a cute little girl who live 45 minutes away and we sat and talked. they told us to try the front so of course Richard wanted us to ( I am deathly scared of heights. I vowed to keep my eyes opened though the whole ride I am glad I did it was awesome . We tried to get our free picture but of course the computers were still giving those cms trouble so off to try and do the safari ride oh no it was a 60 minute wait no way we have done it so we decided the next trip we will do it

We hopped into Tusker house for water another complication they had to hand write all orders so and manually take off the 20 percent ( disney dining experience card ) But even with this all Cms had a big smile on their face. then off to see what time the lion king show was We just made it so we watched it ( but big mistake tour groups were there and being noisy ) then off to eat lunch and relax because it was so hot

We decided to eat at tusker house we shared the half chicken meal it came with mashed potatoes and green beans and I ordered rice with it but we actually didnt neeed it because there was so much food . We also ordered two bottles of water and well we went through those fast ( did I tell you it was hot there )
We then decided to go back and wait on EE again Richard wanted front car again ( it took us two hrs to get through the line yikes ) and then we decided with the heat and with the crowds and no fast pass to hit the road and get us a sundae at Giridellies ( Sp?) at DTD

We get to DTD get my free chocolate at Giredellies first then we go order sundae Richard gets the Caramel sundae with cookie dough ice cream I get the brownie sundae with cookie dough ice cream it was yummy and gave us energy because by that time we were wishing we had to stay over night and had a hotel room to go back to to relax from the heat and take a nap

We then head over to epcot and well the ride lines were crazy there also we just did the Land soaring was an 80 minute wait ( no way were we waiting on that line ) and then headed over to mexico for Conga ( a fruit drink that I love over there thats non alcoholic ) and to chill . After that it was about 5 oclock we decided to go to Akl and chill to our 6:30 adr at Bomas we looked at the animals and just sat and talked to about 6:15 when we went to bomas .We got seated right away and the food was awesome Alma ( mickaholic was right those ribs were great ) We liked the food so much better this time than last time.
We then decided we had enough we were going to go to DTD but because of the heat and because we were up so early we decided to just go home . We got home about 10 pm took showers and crashed


Wow, how nice to be able to spend the day at AKL! My favorite park! Sounds like it was busy, but fun. And, you started the day right with a breakfast at Waffle house!! Yummy!


Any day at WDW is a good day. Sorry for all the computer issues they were having, but it doesn’t sound like it ruined anything for you at all. thanks for sharing the trip!:heart: :heart: