Tiggerlovers Anniversary Bonanza


October 26 2007 Arrival Day

Cast Me tiggerlover loves anything Disney
DH Richard loves Disney because of me and just wanted a relaxing vacation

We woke up at 5:30 am to a rainy Port st Lucie we got ready and went to walmart for a few last minute last things … Was on the road by almost 7 am …

we arrive at Pop about 8:30 am traffic and seeing a medivac on the turnpike … other than that not much happened.

we check in but they didnt have the room ready that was ok for us . We then go to the food court and get breakfast and then off to Epcot we go we did some rides and food booths then off to beaches and cream for Lunch

we had yummy burgers fries onion rings and No WAY JOSE for dessert


here is the no way Jose


here is Richard on the Turnpike making his happy to be going to Disney face


after beaches and cream we went back to the hotel to relax we were supposed to go to WCC but we decided to try Wolfgang puck express and shop at DTD

We loved it we both had chicken fingers with garlic mashed potatoes ( had a picture but it got deleted by accident and creme brulee for dessert

after dinner we went shopping and then we went back to the resort and relaxed …


Day two MGM and Kona Cafe

We got up early ate at the food court for breakfast We both had crossiant sandwhiches

We get to MGM go right on TOT and Rock and roll . We then waited to see the HSM it came on late because they were trying to dry the street since it had rained yet again … Watched it thought it was so good I bought the DVD of HSM lol so I can finally watch it … DH of course hates musicals so he hated it . then we went to Beauty and the beast of course cried during it ( I always cry lol ) we then decided to go back to the hotel and relax I believe we ate at the food court at the hotel but I am not sure …

We then got ready for our Kona cafe Adr ( I was looking forward to this since I heard alot of good things about this place for Dinner and since we have only eaten breakfast here ) well It was not as good as we have hoped … First off when we get there we found out they changed the menu and they no longer have the Macadamia encrusted mahi mahi that everyone was raving about … and why I picked it for DH since he loves fish … He instead got the ono which we joked about the rest of the trip as the fish that really was an oh no … It was so dry and well not great at all … My shrimp and scallop dish was ok the scallops were cold and the fried shrimp were really crunchy…The bread and Appetiser was good thought we had the egg rolls … they even offered us dessert for free since we had such a bad meal but well dh doesnt do desserts and I was scared to try them … They did bring us a plate with two cream puffs with Happy Anniversary though that was good … All in all we were very dissapointed

We then went for a walk around the poly and decided we wanted to go back to the hotel and relax … We stopped at the food court so Richard could get something to eat since he didnt eat his meal … And we ended up sharing a pizza and then off to take night pictures of the hotel we then went to bed for to get ready for our big anniversary day and since we had to be at the bus stop before 7 am to get to MK for our Adrs …


here is the crossiant sandwhich


here are some pics of POP


Oh thats too bad about the Kona. Never had any of those entrees. I always go with the steak. And the desserts are simply wonderful!! You should have tried them!!


Sorry about your meal at Kona. I have never had dinner there, only breakfast for the tonga toast. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.


Love the TR. My DW and I were celebrating our 5th anniversary during your stay. I am going to start the TR either tonight or tomorrow. It will be my first TR, so I’m alittle nervous.

The Angoffs
Next trip:
11-30-08/12/7/08 ( Wilderness Lodge Con.) DS(1) 1st trip/DD(4) 2nd trip


here are more pics of pop at night


Dana they said the reason they took the Macadamia nut fish off because it was not Polynesian enough ( the higher ups said that ) Plus they told us they got a new chef We actually had plans to eat Breakfast there on the last day since we do love the breakfast but we cancelled since we were disappointed in Dinner …


another pop picture


I have more pop but will post them later … on with the next day

Day three MK CP and OHANAS Anniversary day …

We got up and were at the bus stop by 6:45 the bus got there about 5 minutes later and off to MK we went … here is a picture of one of the halloween pics at the entrance look how dark it was for the AM


and another


We were finally let in at 7:45 and I had a chance to get a picture of the castle before going to breakfast at Crystal palace


next up my favorite breakfast


the food was awesome the characters saw that is was our anniversary and they kept making a big deal at the end our Waiter brought us a magical moments certificate and cupcakes


after breakfast we look and took pics of the statues and then saw the castle show


and another