Tigger's Only the lonely TR


This is my TR from this past weekends trip to WDW. I actually stayed over night at the All Star Sports.

As many of you know my DW is still not home (contract work) and I’ve been going thru the ringer at work…so I needed to get out of dodge. Why not go up to Phila and spend the weekend with my DW? She is a very busy girl. While up there she has booked every weekend either going to conf, board meeting, or other networking type stuff…she spent this weekend in Manhattan at a conference and meeting with friends/network.

So anyway I needed to get out of dodge…I think I said that already…so I decided to go to the World and spend the night. I also wanted to check out some neighborhoods we had researched around downtown Orlando.

My alarm went off at 6am saturday morning. I had prepped the house and got as much ready before I went to dreamland. So the alarm went off and I laid there for a few moments and thought to myself, do I really want to go. Some of you might remember my thread from early this week…you know the one about how just wasn’t excited, didn’t feel the magic. Well I woke up still not feeling but I had spent the money so I figured might as well plus if I stayed home I would just end up working and the normal stuff.

So I got myself out of bed. Fed the cat scoped the box. Then got ready and grabbed my stuff and head off to the world…I was on the road by 7 and arrived on property a little before 10.


I have been waiting for this report! Your morning didn’t sound very magical…you are making me sad…hate hearing you feel so lonely. I do hope there was magic for you during your stay. How much longer till DW comes home?


DW will be home at the end of the month…which is sooner then we thought.



poor tigger :crying: I hope time flies by


Hope the time flies by for you…now where is the rest of that report? I want to see those wonderful pictures you took too…get on with it mister…lol


So I get to property and figure I will skip checking in and head right for the MK.

Now I had planned to go to MK so I had a plan. I actually had a photo plan too. I decided to scrap that once I got thru the gates…I looked at my list and thought man with these crowds I will never get this all done. There were signs everywhere the Night of Joy was sold out and the park was closing at 6:30.

So I go to the train platform to snap a few pictures. I was taking some pictures when my cell rang…it was my DW.

I really didn’t expect to hear from her till later that night (she was in a conference all day). She took a break (left for the girls room) just to check on me. She was surprised I was at the MK already. I asked her what I could ride for her to which she requested PoTC. She had to run and the train pulled up so I jumped on…

Onwards to Fronterland!



See there’s some magic. DW knew you were there.:heart: That’s the magic…:heart: Glad you got on POTC…hope you got some pictures too.


picture from the train platform:


More PICS!


So far so good, I can’t wait for more.


I was waiting to hear how it went! Continue…


Thank you! I needed to see that…what a sight. I can’t wait to get there…MORE please!


Even though the beginning of this report made me a little sad I know you are going to have some great pictures and stories for us!

And wait, WHY was I not informed you were in NY? hehe. :wink: :smile:

I hope your wifey gets home REAL soon so you aren’t so lonely anymore!

On with the trip!


So I was on the train and it was packed…and it was hot…at 10am.

So I got back to fronterland station and exited the train.

What attracted me to Disney isn’t the fantasy, wasn’t growing up on the movies, or going as a kid, etc. It is all about systems and the executions of those systems. I know I’m sick. Walt is by far my favorite business person. He faced so many adversities and innovated his way out of it and most of all he believed quality would win out.

I wandered out of the fronterland station to a somewhat empty fronterland:


Holy cow! I have never seen FL that quiet…it’s freaky to see…lol


I’m really thirsty and there is nothing in the house :mad:

Oh and Wish my DW was in Manhattan not me…


Whoa! It’s back to school time…no one at WDW right now… best time to go :biggrin:


yeah it was freaky and I was well freaked. I had picked this weekend because it was a 4 on the TouringPlans.com - The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

It was kind of like I won the Disney Dream and had a few of my freaky hanger on friends with me :wink:


So I walked onto:


I have always wanted to sit in the front car and guess what…when there is hardly anyone there and you are single rider that is where you end up…I guess. Because that is where they put me…twice!