Tigger's Summer Nightastic MK report


We went over to MK last night to see what all these Summer Nightastic ads were about on TV. Nightastic is running until Aug something (16th or 26th)

Main Street Electrical Parade: Classic. We lined up an hour before and still was about 3 people back…luckily most of those people were in strollers or short. But we all know what happens a few minutes before a parade starts*.

The parade itself is great but seemed a little short compared to Specromagic. Not that I am complaining. I find SMagic to be well to put it softly horridious. MSEP is fun and full of great floats and music. The Tinker Bell float is awesome as is Pete’s Dragon. The kids around me really seemed to enjoy it. A little girl from China (her parents only spoke chines and a little broken english) knew all the characters as soon as she saw them (accept pete’s dragon)…it was really cute to hear her excitement and then actually english names.

Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular: IMO blows Wishes away! I really wish they would expand this (add in a few more characters and lengthen it a few minutes) and keep it year round.

Couple of things I really liked. At some points there are fire works going off almost 280 degrees around you. The lighting effects on the Castle are the best show effects I have seen (they actually change the look of the castle from a Castle of love to a fortress of Pirates – they use lights to make the outer wall look big an menacing and the center tower dark and foreboding). They project hearts and roses and jolly rogers on the castle as well (which was cool but old effects). But to top it off they blow the freaking castle up (low wind night like last night the castle is hidden in smoke for a spell or two)! I won’t ruin it for you but love does win in the end…go figure…thanks Tinker Bell.

In a couple weeks we will head over to DS to see the Nightastic overlay at ToT.

  • ok so we have stood there for about an hour waiting. The parade is about to start and people in the street are asked to exit the street. Well a family of cretins decide to just step up to the line where we had been standing. Right in front of the strollers and families. There were enough of them to block even my view. Luckly a CM saw this an told them to exit the street to which they started complaining about paying to be there, had been there, they had a right, and their cretin kids started backing up (pushing the strollers and families back). Another CM showed up and pulled the father cretin aside after which the decamped and moved on.

Then shortly after a mom and her daughter came up from behind and said they needed to cross the street and pushed through and stood in front of the strollers. The grandmother in the family with the strollers had some words with her to which the pushy cretin mom responded “I have every right to be here to”. So part of the parade for me and my DW was blocked by this mom and her daughter having a good time blocking everyone else moving around to get pictures of the floats.

And don’t get me started about the large family (and I mean both ways) that each had a camcorder raised up to record the FW. I kid you not it was a picket fence of arms with glowing screens about 10 people long from the same family group. They all had large backpacks too. We were lucky because of their width we could actually see the FW through the arms but it was annoying. We would have moved but we were hemmed in by Brazilians.

(ok I am done…half good stuff half complaints.)


Thanks for the tr I can’t wait to see it in a few weeks


I think you are going to love it…Nightastic not the rude people.


I cannot stand those people who push infront like that, especialy if you have camped out for the viewing spot and they think they can just stroll along and push in! I always have a few choice words on the tip of my tongue for them if my overly loud comments fail to reach their ears! We tend to find this happen more when waiting to view wishes than at the parades tho!


We loved it too. My DD6 got upset when she thought the castle was on fire.


Yeah isn’t that spectacular!


Rude people infuriate me. These are the same people who would flip out if anyone did that to them.:glare::angry:


It is! Those fireworks are VERY similar to the ones from the Pirate and Princess Party . . . same audio even. But looking left and right and seeing fireworks extended all the way out on the sides was VERY COOL!!


oh if you did that to them they would be ready to fight right on the spot.


Glad the fireworks are a winner!

And I hate it when the Cretin family shows up! Do they live there???


Thanks for the report! We are doing a Fireworks cruise in about 10 days. After reading your report however, do you think it would be better to watch them from inside the park?


Sorry your trip wasn’t what it should have been, Tigger.

I cannot stand rude people like that. I always try to be considerate and would never cut in front or block someones view, but some people have no manners.
DH is always says when we go to WDW, “Why am I the only one to move out of the way of people?” We always seem to be the ones moving as we pass by. The people coming towards us never want to deviate from there line. I always tell him at least you did the kind thing. Another thing, do you find that no one seems to know how to say “Excuse me”, “Please” and “Thank You”? It seems manners are nonexistent anymore.:sad:


[QUOTE=simplytall;1041265]Sorry your trip wasn’t what it should have been, Tigger.

DH is always says when we go to WDW, “Why am I the only one to move out of the way of people?” We always seem to be the ones moving as we pass by. The people coming towards us never want to deviate from there line.[/QUOTE]

Oh my word, that’s exactly what my dh says all the time. In fact, in one of his frustrated moments, he told me he was going to do an experiment and then didn’t move out of peoples way. He had at least three groups run right into him, with no apologies. More of a surprised look, like what are you doing in my way?


In the coming weeks we will be traveling over to DS to ride the Nightastic ToT overlay and if it is open EPCOT to try out the new restaurant in Italy, Mexico, or Japan.