Tiggers trip to Via Napoli and


Tonight we ran over to EPCOT for a dinner at Via Napoli and what ever else we decided to do.

I am not going to bore you with we road SSE, or did whatever in innovations east, no I am going to get right in to it.

I know there has a been a lot of back and for about VN should have been a QS and not table service. Well after eating there I have to say Disney got it right.

The restaurant is huge. I have read 500 seats. Inside looks about right plus there is a large out door dinning area. The room is really really big and fresh and bright. The tables aren’t packed in and we saw them rearrange sections for groups. There is a large fixed table in the middle of the room that runs almost the full length. Plus there is bar seating in front of the kitchen and ovens (the oven openings are ornate sculptures).

The restaurant is so big that I don’t imagine that you wouldn’t be able get a seat pretty quickly unless you had an unusually large group or it was the height of busy season. It is a great place to get off your feet for a little while and recoup.

Now the food.

The food was more Italian then Americanized Italian cuisan that you would get at other Disney restaurants. I have to say the smells and taste were much more like what we ate in Italy. This isn’t some Macaroni Grill, Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, or Carabas. This is more along the lines of an authentic Italian restaurant.

The flavors are garden fresh and light. We started with arancini (a fried rice ball stuffed with cheese and sometimes veil, not here). These came with a light tomato sauce (tomato with fresh chopped basil mixed in). According to the menu it was suppose to have a meat ragu but ours was meatless. It was very similar to arancini we had in Italy. I would defiantly recommend them and would add that one is enough.

The table next to us had Spaghetti E Polpettine (spaghetti and meatballs). It looked and smelled wonderful. Looked and smelled like something I ate in Italy. Didn’t look like the version you find a your favorite american italian chain.

We both ordered flavored drinks (non-alcholic). I got the limonata and DW got the blood orange. These were just like we got in Italy. Fresh juice in ice water. The proportions were perfect and refreshing. These drinks are not sweet so don’t order them thinking you are getting a lemonade or orange juice.

For our main course we got a wood fired pizza. A large Piccante. We should have gotten a small, not that was bad but that it was huge! What were we thinking…well I know what I am having for dinner tomorrow.

Again this is typical Italian pizza. fresh, fresh, fresh. It is not stuffed or over run with toppings. The sauce is light, the mozzarella is fresh, the toppings are sparse if you are thinking Pizza Hut. The crust is thin and delicious, crispy, wonderful.

If you never get to Italy eating here is very very close. Not all the great food they have in italy but give you a feeling for what real pizza and spaghetti should be like.

Now I don’t think you can do an authentic italian restaurant as a QS. Italians don’t do quick service. They actually sit down and enjoy their food. I suggest that we all learn that lesson. We might find ourselves eating more then burgers, fries, and nuggets.

On price we ordered enough food for 4 or 5 people and our bill came out to $50. I don’t think that is to unreasonable if we actually had 2 or 3 other people with us :mickey:

One last thing…my wife enjoyed the eye candy. She said that there wasn’t one bad guy in the lot. She wondered if they left any good looking men back in Italy.


Ok so you know those phones boots in England we all like calling…well I found out there is phone over the hedge and the CM’s like to watch and call.

Most people are shocked when the phone ring and are just as shocked when someone is on the other end.

Once I got clued in on what was happening it was amusing to watch the CM’s play with the guest from afar…well 10 feet or so.


We allready made our plans but this sounds good!

Thanks for the scoop.


We hope to try Via Napoli next week. Thank you for the review! I can’t wait to share it with DH. He is very excited about eating there!


Thanks for the review. We are hopefully going to try it in November.


Thanks for the review Tigger! We’re definitely giving it a try when we’re there!


DW made a comment that I thought I would add to my review. She stated that it was like an over sized version of a little trattoria you might find on a plaza across from a Duomo.


That is a great review!! I can’t wait to try it in 19 days!!!


Thanks Tigger. We got our ADR for Oct. 24!


:wub: I can handle that!


Thanks so much for posting. We are going to add it to our October trip. Being married to and Italian I may just have to agree with your wife on the eye candy : )


Hmmm interesting. Might try it when we go.


Good to hear!! We have ADRs for Sept 29! I cancled coral reef for VN


Thanks for posting, that was such an informative review- I am keen to try it after reading this so thanks again.


Thanks for the info… Im thinking that I might cancel our reservation at Tutto italian and change to VN


Is it gonna be part of the DDP? Thanks for the review, it was very informative.


Yes! Check out the new online reservations site, they list each dining location with little icon on what they except.

I just tried to get a ressie for this Sunday lunch or dinner - BOOKED!!! :sad:


I CANNOT believe I missed you by one hour!!! :glare: You should have texted me before you went to EPCOT!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I loved Via Napoli too & agree with much of what you said. I actually just did a review, with pics, on the Disney Food Blog that got posted tonight & I have a video tour coming as well.

Both my laptop & Daniel’s netbook crashed in one week so I am a little ‘in between’ technology right now so hopefully I’ll be able to write a TR with my pics soon too.

But if you wanna see what we ate & read all about it you can see it on their site for the moment. :smile:

I thought the pizza was on par with classics like Lombardi’s in NYC, and like I said in the review that’s a HUGE cred. for me to give. It was really delicious & fresh!!!

We better catch each other when I’m down in November buddy, ya hear? hehe


I can not wait to try this place based off of your reveiw! Thank you for sharing.

I totally agree with you…take your meal slow, enjoy your surroundings, your company and savor the food!

Thank you for sharing.



What an awesome review Tigger!! When I first heard of Via Napoli, I was kind of thinking, “meh, pizza place, maybe I’ll try it one day…” But now I want to go to VN right this moment!!! I was not expecting authentic Italian. I really can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the review!