Tiggers trip to Via Napoli and


I would like to update my TR on VN.

We went there last year and they have adjusted their menu to be more to the American taste. Still good but not as authentic as when we first went.

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Two of the girls stopped by there in May when we couldn’t get into Beaches. They still loved it same as last time. But they live on Pizza Hut and Dominos too :smiley:


Hoping to try it again in January. It’s been years since we’ve been there. I’m okay if they updated the menu as I don’t remember being Wow’d last time.


We’ve only been once and sadly I think we had an off night. We ordered two small pizzas for the kids (Nate and his friend). One was burned and the other one was swimming in water from the cheese. No crispy crust but a wet soggy mess. I wouldn’t have eaten either one and the kids were not impressed. I can’t remember what pizzas the adults ordered but I remember thinking it was just ok. Our friend commented the he loved the burned marshmallow taste of the crust. I wasn’t a fan of the burned taste but it was ok overall.

I returned a couple of years ago with friends on a high school band trip. We all ordered pasta and it was good. I’m not sure when we’ll go back but we probably will give it another try one day.


Yes, our pizza crust was burnt also. I mentioned to the waiter that it was well done and he said that’s the way it’s suppose to be out of those fire ovens. Being a Chicagoian, burnt crust is not an option!!!


We have never eaten at VN, but have dined many times at TuTu. I think we will have to try VN next time.


Another here for over cooked edges. We’re used to eating foods “blackened” but sorry, pizza doesn’t fit into that category. We picked the outsides off and had decent pizza.