Tiiiiime for the 'paid-in-full' happy dance!


Talk about sweet dreams…the last thing DH showed me before I fell asleep last night was our ‘paid-in-full’ Disney balance online. :happy:

It’s officially time to happy dance!! :biggrin:


Good for you:) I love the paid in full happy dance. Now u can start stashing away for spending money. Last year we brought 2,000 spending and we only used 1,400. We had the DDP so we didn’t need money. for food and there aere only so many disney hats, t-shirts…you can buy at WDW.


Yay!! I love that!


YAY!!! I am so excited for you! I was scared for a bit, because it sounded like you MIGHT have had to cancel your trip due to the IRS mishap.



AWESOME!!! Best feeling ever!!! :wub:


Very cool for you!!! :laugh::laugh: Things are looking up.


Yay! :goofybounce::goofybounce::goofybounce:


yes, go ahead and dance!!!:laugh:


that means… it is the I’m not cancelling the trip- happy dance. Congratulations!


Yipppee! I just received my luggage tags and vouchers for our upcoming trip. Its been so long since we booked a package, I had forgotten the goodies they send you. :)))


Dance away girl!!! That is the best feeling!!


Lucky Duck! And only 77 days to go!:happy:


Thanks everyone! :biggrin:

Yes we had a big scare when the IRS told us they were having issues with our refund (even after it had been accepted!) and we’d have to wait up to 4 months for them to figure it out! But they must have figured out the problem quickly…thank heavens!

I really didn’t expect to be happy dancing any time soon, so this is an extra special happy dance! :wub:


I am so glad the IRS fixed everything.