Tiki Room reopens Monday


Anyone out there excited for the reopening of the Enchanted Tiki Room?
I think we’re happy to see the ‘old’ management back!

Disney’s Tiki Room reopens Monday under ‘old management’ - Central Florida News 13


Woo hoo! Looking forward to checking it out in 13 days!!!


Hooray!!! I never could make myself like the new management:)


I was fond of the “New Management”, Zazu was a hoot! I love seeing anythhing with the characters, especially characters that are hard to come by on a regular basis. But New Management must not have been a fan favourite since its going back to the original, which of course I have no problem with - will enjoy it just the same.


So what now?
“The Original Tiki Room: We’re Back”?
“The Tiki Room: Now Under Original Management”?
“Disney’s Retro Tiki Room”?

I LIKE Iago (OK, I couldn’t care less about Iago, it’s Gilbert!!).