Tiki Room Restored


Did anyone hear about this? (it’s the last paragraph on the page)

Disney News: First Look Inside Mickey’s New Meet & Greet, Tiki Room Restored, Fairies’ Final Destination - Stitch Kingdom.com - The latest in Disney news and the greatest in Disney tools - StitchKingdom.com

And like some, I have never ever been inside the tiki room, new OR old management. Is this attraction “worth” it?


I loved the old management. Was never to impressed with the new management. It was never the same from the childhood memories from when WDW opened.


I Agree with you!


Im glad tinker bell was returned to the magic kingdom. Thank you for sharing the link lots of new up-to-date info on it.:pirate:


This will be a welcome return! I never warmed to the New Management Tiki Room.


I don’t remember the old one, and the new one I finally just saw on our last visit in November. My oldest DD wanted to see it, so we did. I wasn’t that impressed at all. I’m looking forward to seeing the old one when it reopens.


Yes! The new management stunk. Old management brings back childhood memories. :slight_smile:


On the other subject not yet touched in this thread, after getting a first-look at the new queue lines to meet Mickey…I CAN NOT WAIT! The Princess rooms will also be unbelievably beautiful, but the interactivity and meet and greet guests will now have with Mickey is nothing short of unreal! No more boring waits!


We will be there in October, and this is actually one thing I am very interested in seeing!!!


I’m so pleased about the Tiki Room! It’s just one of those original attractions that should never have been changed in the first place. Sometimes “new” and “improved”, isn’t.


Oh my goodness, when I read the link, I thought that the fairies were going to do Meet & Greets in the Tiki Room… :huh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Yayyyyy for the return of the original Tiki Room!!! Good-bye Iago and Zazu!!! (Though I did like the music… Feelin’ hot hot HOT… :laugh:)


Is the original version coming back??
Or are they just redoing the new management version??


I saw the original Tiki Room when I was maybe 13 and I honestly don’t remember it. I guess I’m the only one that enjoys the “New Management”. I thought it was clever and the music was fun and not so repetitive (all I remember about the original). That said, I’m excited to see the original again.


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1071456]Is the original version coming back??
Or are they just redoing the new management version??[/QUOTE]

They are restoring it to the original.


Thanks Rowdy. Can’t wait to see an old favorite with what I am sure will be some modern tech touches.


YAY! That’s so fantastic! I guess that small fire in the Tiki Room was a blessing in disguise.

Or “the powers that be” letting Disney park execs know that even HE doesn’t like the show and its time for it to leave. :laugh: Bam!


I have mixed feelings about reverting to the old version.
I’m a Gilbert Gottfried fan and I saw the WDW Under New Management version before I saw the original in Disneyland.

On the other hand, can we get rid of Stitch’s chili dog breath already!?


While being a Stitch fan, they reallt needto spruce this/re theme it? Something. Maybe after all the work behind the castle is completed.


That whole thing has to be revamped. It never lived up to the hype. It is the one thing I absolutely will not do. That shoulder harness totally freaks me out - not being able to move around.


Yes, this attraction made me sad. I love Stitch and so wanted to like his attraction…BLAH:pinch: