Time for my trip report


Ok well everything has seem to come to an end (the wedding and then honeymoon in WDW) I think it is about time I do my report… I hope I remember it all. I will start with… we left Sat morning at 4am for the airport… flew into Orlando at about 12:30 pm and we were tired to say the least but really excited to get going on our honeymoon. We walked thru the airport and made our way to DME . what a great thing that is…we loved not worrying about the luggage that was a GREAT! We got in line for POP and there wasnt many people in front of us. Of course they only take a few hotels at a time and POP was up… they stopped right at us… mind you we were the only 2 left in the line!! why not just take us. That made me mad but nothing could ruin this. SO after a little bit we finally got on the bus. Lucky for us POP was our first stop… we were all excited when you pulled up and what a neat place. We went to check in and the line was not bad at all… usually when you check into a hotel you have a long line… they had alot of cast members working so it went fast. Paris was the ladies name that checked us in and she was awesome… very helpful and so very nice. She said since it was our honeymoon to make sure I stop back at the desk to change my name on my key to the world before we leave. She also told us there are only 10 king size beds in the whole hotel and people have been requesting them all day and she could not move us since we are honeymooners… Perks you get for booking 7 months in advancee. We found our room and it was in the 60’s… we liked where it was. it wasnt far from the food place and bus stops… we needs the busses since we didnt get our our til tues. Sorry to be a brat but we were a bit disappointed when we got to our room and NOTHING…we thought maybe a card or something saying conrats… but oh well we were still on cloud nine. I also was a little surprised at the size of the rooms as well. I guess I wasnt paying much attention when you guys had mention they were small. As tied as we were we couldnt hang in the room. We took off to DTD… I had told my DH how much I wanted to try Earl of Sandwich since everyone here raves about it so much!! YOU WERE ALL RIGHT! yummmmm. He loved it too. So then we walked around for a bit then headed back on the bus for POP… the buses were a bit crowded but it was Sat night what did we expect.Night night we went… to be continued…


Yay! More, more! Can’t wait to hear how the rest of your honeymoon went! Hope it was magical through and through. :wub:


Can’t wait to hear more about the rest of the honeymoon. I’m sure you had a magical time.


Day one sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to hear more!


Yay, honeymoon at Disney! (And I think it’s great you got the bed! Like they said, those are really hard to come by!)


Glad you had a great time - please post some pictures!! :wub:


:heart: :flowers: :smile: :wub: CONGRATULATIONS!! :wub: :smile: :flowers: :heart: :wink:

Great start to what sounds like was a great trip. Keep it coming…


WHere’s the rest!?!?!?!


Great start, I can’t wait to read more. Earl of Sandwich is my favorite, I’m glad you liked it.


Can’t wait to hear more of your honeymoon adventures! Wait…that didn’t sound right… :angel:


I’m glad to see that you had a great time!!


congrats… what an awesome honeymoon trip. doesn’t get more magical than the happiest place on earth. can’t wait to hear more.


:eek: Your right llama, that didn’t sound right! :happy:

Everything sounds great so far, can’t wait to hear the rest and see the pictures! Congrats!


No. No it didn’t. I must agree with twist. I must.

Loving the TR!! Ummm, where are the pictures? Or more commentary? Hmmmm???


Bumping this up to remind Bride to finish (get to the part where you visited Universal!!!)


Sounds great so far!! PICTURES! PICTURES!


Great so far - wheres the pictures???


Ok I am so sorry I havent written more. I will soon I promise. I have attached a picture though fpr eveyone. Hopefully I know how to attach it.


Great picture! Congratulations on your wedding and your trip. Cant wait to read your TR.


Yippy it worked… Now that I am a pro more to come! … WDW Pics too!