Time from airport to resort on ME?


I know it depends if you’re the first for drop off or last, but what is a ball park time. I seem to remember about 45 mins. Does that sound right?


Yes, thats about right. Could be almost an hour, though, depending on which drop you are, and how many folks are on the bus.


Thanks, because of flight times my DS and wife might have to miss our Ohana dinner. At this point nothing else is available, but I keep checking for a later time. I hoping maybe a earlier flight shows up too.


The average time from airplane exit to resort drop-off is 70 minutes.


It doesnt seem like that long. We got there in about 35-30 minutes after boarding the bus. So, I guess with waiting in line at ME it would be about 45-55. But you get that cool video to keep you occupied on the way over! lol


I know what you mean, but I quoted the average time the way Disney measures it (when they do their sampling), which is from the time you step foot off the aircraft. You have to walk through the terminal, wait for the monorail, ride the monorail to the main part of the terminal, walk to the DME area, and so on. Of course, all that walking and waiting is the same no matter what form of ground transportation you use!:cool:


I suppose. I just cant wait. I will be on the ME in 30 days! :heart::heart::heart:


We always plan for about an hour for travel from plane to resort. It’s usually pretty accurate.


We have always experienced a long wait from the time we get on the ME until we arrive at our hotel. We have sat on the ME at the airport for up to 30 minutes before it leaves for our hotel. That’s the long part. On top of that, the video never starts until we are 20-30 minutes into our ride to the hotel. But, it sure beats getting a cabbie that drives like an idiot or takes the long way around. Once we took 2 cabs for our party and they were supposed to follow each other. The other half of our party ended up arriving 25 minutes after us because they took a wrong turn. Better to be safe than sorry - take ME!


I always take ME…I like free.