Time . . . goes . . . too . . . slow


The next two weeks can’t go fast enough!!! Third trip and I’m more excited to go than the last two trips put together. I can’t stand myself! I’m obsessed with subsonic radio so theme park music is always in the background. I keep looking at accuweather’s 15-day forecast to see what the weather is going to be (like they can predict with accuracy this far in advance :wacko: ). While I’m checking Orlando weather I’m also checking the local 15-day forecast 'cuz I want it to be really cold and yucky here (selfish girl :blush: ). I can’t wait to escape life and be at the happiest place on earth. :happy:

Whew. Got that off my mind.



Awe!! I hate the two weeks before a trip they are the WORST!!!

It will be here soon though!!!


The title of your thread goes well with your avatar! I can just hear Eeyore saying that!

I always check the 15 day Orlando forecast right before our trips too. Helps me anticipate the trip a little more!


ugh…I hate the two week before…it DRAGSSSSSSSSSSSS so long. Once you get to single digits, it will go faster. Countdown the trip with a disney movie every night…lead up to your favorite for the night before. Make a disney chain and take a chain link off every morning to watch the time go…pack, repack and then pack again!!!







Here I was thinking times passing too quickly… Maybe thats cause I have so much I have to do before we leave… I still haven’t gone to the embasy and got my passport stamped… Umm, another thing for my list of to dos…

Try to find stuff to keep you busy, helps the time pass quicker.


remember those of us who are still in the triple digits.talk about time dragging


This should make you feel better:

I have 270 days to go until my parade.


And I’m just beside myself that I’m going to miss it by 12 days. Darn!!:rolleyes:


You will have a blast! I kind of like the time it takes for a trip because if you dont enjoy it it may go by way to fast and then trip over


I know what you mean but why is it that it seems like time drags while you’re waiting for your WDW or you’re at work but yet the days/week you’re at WDW it seems to go by so fast? :confused:


You’re a day closer . . . hey my Mom always says to me "Don’t wish your life away . . . " so true . . . but when a Disney trip is on the horizon . . . how can you not!?!?!? :laugh: :laugh:


This will be our third trip also this year but we still have 189 more days to go! So i know what you mean by being even more excited this time around. We will be at WL in Sept and this will be our first Deluxe hotel, usually we stay at a value so I am EXTEMELY excited. Crazy dreams,thinking I’m not going to get everything done in time…then i have to sit back and think 6 more months, you have time! But still we all need to have something to look forward to!
Start posting a pre-trip report, a lil everyday, it will make you, and us feel better!!! (how’s that for selfish??? lol )


Oh my gosh Sally, it’s almost time. Do you fly out of Milwaukee or Madison? Either one, you’ll have aways to go to get to an airport. Or wait, are you going to drive, I can’t remember. I’m soooo excited for you and your family. To bad we don’t live closer. I’d so like to watch your goldens while you’re gone. Timber would love it too. 8 more days, YAHOO!!!


almost 30 days and counting …but I do sympathyize with those on the 2 weeks side


Thanks for being excited for us . . . we are are excited for us, too!! We’re flying out of Milwaukee. The Madison airport is only 5 miles away but we can’t get a direct flight from there and we really wanted to fly direct. Some time we’ll have to get our “kids” together! We have been “dog sitting” for about two months now for a co-worker and her family who moved down from northern WI and haven’t sold their house yet so are living with her parents. They can’t have their dog there. So . . . we agreed to be Dakota’s surrogate family and they agreed to live in our house while we’re at WDW. What a deal, huh?? Makes us feel so much better about leaving our girls behind. :happy:


Single digits, smee!! :biggrin: I can’t imagine how pumped you are!! I hope it’s a wonderful, magical trip.