Time Is Going By So Slowlyyyyyy


Two weeks from today we are leaving for Orlando, and 2 weeks from tomorrow we check into our resort. We’ve reached the point where time actually slows down, against the laws of physics. How do I pass the time??


This is when I start my incessant commentary of things like “Guess where we will be at this exact time, 2 weeks from today? Checking into the resort!” I am relentless. :laugh: I wish I had some good suggestions for you but I have never been able to make that last 2 weeks go by faster.


Oh my :pinch: I wouldn’t want those weeks to go fast… Quite the opposite I need a whole lot of time just to keep announcing that I would be going to the happiest place on earth! :biggrin:


Oh, the anticipation. That is so much fun. I was talking to my Dad the other day, and even he is getting excited about our upcoming trip. I know how you feel… but I have 42 days… Just think about all of the things that you will do! How fun!


I know how u feel :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:we are down to about one and a half weeks we fly out feb 1. one week this Wednesday. i have seven more days to work…


:laugh: that and I keep trying to check in online, knowing full well that I can’t do that for 4 more days, heehee

But once at WDW, time goes wayyyyyy too fast. that’s why I get up as soon as it’s morning and don’t go to bed until I really can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I am stretching the days.

I hope you have a grand trip


Part of me doesn’t want it to come, because once it comes, then it’s over. Double edged sword. It’s rather amusing, every day I am the one bugging my children “Where are we going in 14 days?!?!”


I know the feeling,this year more than any in recent past it seems to be going by so slowly,but I believe we have finally past the under 90 days level,I have no advice,except keep busy and hopefully it will go by quickly ,at least in your mind


OO I know this feelng so well, but in a way, I love the anticipation! The build up and the excitment! It’s a great chance to finalise all your plans, make any last minute ADRs, spend hours on YouTube ‘researching’ (hehe), looking back over photos from past trips, making more plans etc!

Yeah, I go past boiling point and bubble over with the excitment!