Time runs SO slow when planning Disney trips!


I am planning all these great trips and NONE OF THEM ARE COMING SOON! I feel like I’ve been planning FOREVER and frankly I am kinda sick of planning! there are only SO MANY times I can organize my “Disney folders,” go to DVCmembers.com to look at my reservations, etc… :pirate: I just want them to BE HERE… NOW! :pirate: MY DL trip isn’t even single digit yet! :dry:

Does anyone else just feel like the “planning and waiting” time goes SOOOOOOO slow?!?! UGH! :angry:


Yes…I always just want to be there!!!

Then when you are there - time goes too quickly. :sad:


PLANNING??? I feel faint…

Kidding,. I do understand how you just want the trip to get here. That’s what happens when you plan them so far out like we do. We have to wait longer, but we do have some great trips…go to the disney store or disneyshopping.com and buy yourself something disney. Not the same as being there of course, but it always makes me feel better.


I think I’m going to dig out my planning video today. I haven’t watched it in about a year so it’ll be fun to check it out again.

Maybe a trip to the World of Disney store is in order (not sure whose money I’m supposed to spend there, but at least I can check out the new stuff and make a Mr. Potato-head or two).

I’m in double digits for our short trip, but still looking at triples for our long one. Ho hum.


You are that close to the WOD store? OH boy…I’m jealous. I wish I could just go there on a whim. My Disney store is this little tiny shop with very little of anything…boo hoo


My WDW trip isn’t until June of 2007!!! That seems (and is) forever to wait. The sad part (OK not really too sad) is, we are going to Mexico for a week this April. What is sad about it is, all I can think about is my trip to WDW next June!!! There is nothing to plan for Mexico - huge resort - all inclusive, but for Disney there is SO much to plan and read about!!


I’m also tired of just planning-I too want some action! :tongue: Come on trips!!


I know what you mean, the longer you have to plan the slower time goes. I usually start planning our next trip when I finish my trip report so that gives me about a year to plan. This year I didn’t start planning until after the 180 window ended so things have gone by much faster. I love the last few weeks before a trip, time drags but yet flies at the same time.


Trust me, I know how great it is! I work in Manhattan, so it’s never more than a subway ride away (at least on the weekdays–on the weekends it’s a bit more of a trek from my apartment, but I can get there should the mood strike). If I ever need a pin-shopping fix or a hug from a Disney character, that’s where I go. They’ve also turned their “media” section (used to have books and DVDs) into a mini Art of Disney!

Every time I walk into that store my heart feels happy. But I have to admit–it’s just not the same as being at WDW… . :heart: :heart:


I’m still waiting for my planning video to arrive. Still over 5 months until we go and I’m going crazy!!!


WHat about…when you don’t EVEN have a trip planned…time stops moving then.


Oh yes it goes by very slow! I’m still REALLY REALLY anxious to get out for my vacation! And even though I’m still anxious we’re STILL PLANNING! Ugh.


Wish I’ll trade you!!! My departure date is coming up too fast now :crying:
22 days!!! AHHHHHHHHHH
But I suppose I will have fun on my FIRST trip to WDW!!! :mickey: just wish I had someone to share it all with as I’m doing everything for the first time!

Oh yeah! Ginger! GREAT! OK, nevermind Wish, I’m leaving first :tongue: neyh nyeh nyeh! hehehehehe (:wub:)


AYE! Rub it in, rub it in!! :pirate:


Don’t you hate that when you look forward to something like your new job for so long, then all of of sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks and it’s coming up too fast??? That’s happened to me so many times–especially when I went to work in Switzerland for a year (also my first job out of college)! Once you get over that initial “Oh my gosh what did I do!!!” plane ride, you’ll be fine because everything will be happening so fast! And you’re such a sweetie, you’ll meet loads of new best friends that you’ll share this experience with.



at least your trip is sooner than mine. I have all my folders done, I am just waiting to go now. I guess I shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry since I do not have my vacation paid for yet or all my spending money together.93 days to go!!!


Your trip will be here in no time, those 93 days are going to fly by.


Too bad that weather.com - local weather forecasts, radar and reports from The Weather Channel doesn’t offer forecasts farther out than a week or so!!! Otherwise, you could start your packing!


I started this thread 9 months ago. :tongue: haha. All of those trips are now gone and over with, they were wonderful and it IS funny looking back and thinking “wow, how time flies”. :laugh:

Anyway, I am going now in 17 days!


I wish a trip to the Disney Store could hold me over. It doesn’t do enough for me. I much rather be at WDW.