Time to jump back in!


Check in on things about once a month but now got to come back on a regular basis since we have not 1 but 2 trips planned for WDW next year! So excited! My daughter and her dance company will be performing there next summer- we have it narrowed down to 3 weeks but it is the last 2 of July and first of August- any of them will be hot! Yikes! But it will be a great memory for her- they get to take dance classes with Disney dancers and then put on a show! And getting to do this with all her best friends, what more could an 8 year old ask for!?

Our 2nd trip will be the week of Thanksgiving and that will be the whole family-all 5 of us! Our boys aren’t going on the summer trip- too many dance things going on and too many girls. That will be fun- never been at holiday time.

Can’t wait for all the planning to begin!:mickey:


Very exciting!!! I can’t wait until my daughters are doing the “extra fun” Disney things like what your daughter is going to experience. Most likely ours will be for sports rather than dance…my girls play field hockey and lacrosse and WWS host tournaments there every year.

Have fun planning!


You are gonna love the holidays! That is our favorite time to go. We just came back 3 weeks ago and can’t wait for the next trip. Boy was it HOT!