Timekeeper closes for good


Timekeeper in Tommorowland will be permanently closing on February 26, 2006. Rumor has it that work is set to begin on a new attraction but nothing has been announced yet.

I am glad we have seen this during our last couple of trips, it’s a great show.


NO! I love this thing!

Geez… first the cable car things, then Alien Encounter, now this… they keep taking away stuff I :heart: ! :crying:


WOW! I hadn’t heard anything about this coming… What a surprise. I kinda wish I’d seen this the last time or two I’ve been to WDW…

But… I am VERY excited to hear of a new attraction…


I hope that Disney comes up with a great new ride to replace the Timekeeper. I would love to see a dark ride, but I’m don’t think there’s enough room. I hope that they learned from Stitch’s Great Escape and give this new ride the budget it deserves.


Which ride is the Timekeeper??


The panoramic one. Where you’re flying through the air, through different time periods.


:huh: :huh: :huh: Doesn’t ring a bell at all.


Goodness son…Timekeeper. Getting there?


I read somewhere (months ago) that the scenes in Philharmagic where Donald is flying on the magic carpet are test scenes for a future attraction similar to soarin. Maybe the Timekeeper area will become this type of ride. I hate to see Timekeeper go, but think that a new thrill ride might be a good addition to MK.


I have passed by the ride, but never gone in


:whistling Totally missed it.


It’s easy to miss, it’s not been open much these days.


That is sad news. I haven’t seen this in years, probably since 1999 or so. It seems like it has been closed on my last few trips. Well, maybe they have something great in mind for the space.


Bummer! I haven’t seen it since I was a child, and I always miss it when I’m there…

I shoulda made a point to go on it the other day, I won’t be back before the 26th, prolly.



Which is it? “Bummer,” or “Bummah?” :laugh:


I think she meant both. and yes it is a BUMMAH!!


I am 100% in ‘ditto’ mode with you on this DayDreamer ~ I have NO idea at all what the Timekeeper is! :eek: and now that i am not even going to get to see or ride it now is even more :eek: …you are not alone in your confusion! :happy:


I have no feelings for this ride one way or the other. I wonder what they are going to put in in its place.


Glad I got to see it but I do think they need a Major Headliner attraction in TL. This is a fairly big theatre so hopefully this will happen. Do they still have Timekeeper at Disney in France?


This is getting ugly. PoC is rumoured to close for rehab, Tarzan is closed, now this?
Of course, if they pull something together by June, all is forgiven, otherwise they will feel the wrath of the Boss Mouse. I’ll by some of Milwaukee’s best and turn Disney Hog loose on them.