Anyone know if Timekeeper will be open in September (Labor Day weekend)?

We have never done this?


I think it might be open if they have not finished the new Stitch attraction. I know we were told Stitch is running behind. and that weekend should be a busy weekend …so keep your fingers crossed. I was so glad we got to see it this month!


I have always liked this attraction. I like the way they interact with Jules Vernon (SP?)
-who was also in my fav attraction “Horizons” :frowning:
And Robin Williams is hysterical…Hope it’s open for you!


With Labor Day being such a busy weekend at WDW, you can be pretty certain that Timekeeper will be open.


OKAY, I asked this question to a CM and got the following answer for both Timekeeper and Carosel of Progress. Seasonal which means the ride will close Sept 30 and remain closed until Thanksgiving Week and then closed again until Christmas Week. then closed again. This is frustrating for me because we usually plan the trip around our anniversary in late oct. I guess we will just have to take two trips. :blush:

I just noticed your in Georgia too… I am in the savannah area myself.