Timeline for deposit refund


Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to see a refund of a deposit for a cancelled room reservation to appear on your credit card account? We had to change some things around and cancelled a room only reservation for one night. I called and cancelled Friday night but still haven’t seen the money refunded on my card.

I think I read somewhere that it can take a few days but I wanted to check here just to see if anyone had any info. Thanks!


It can take up to five business days to see the credit back to your account.


We just did the same thing only we had to move our entire trip so the original room was cancelled and a new one booked. I think I got the refund in 2 days, but they do warn you that it could take up to 1 to 2 billing cycles before it shows up on your statement although I’ve never had it take that long. Maybe it depends on how fast your credit card company processes it?


Thanks so much, guys! I will keep checking.


I know here it can be one or two billing cycles too. I think it just depends where in the financial month you are when the refund goes back on to the card.


Good news, everyone, the refunds came through on my card today. Thank you all again for the information!


Glad it came through Karen - and glad everything is still “go”!:happy:


Could take a couple of days to process through WDW CRO but once it hits the credit card company it’s instant. Back in the old days when we actually bank deposit/mail in the credit card charges/credits.