Timeshare near Disneyland


My DH and I are going to DL in September. We have several timeshares to choose from - Wyndam Orange County and Dolphin’s Cove Resort. Has anyone stayed there and what did you think. We still have a month before we can make the reservations. Thanks!


Are you with RCI or Interval International?


I can’t help, unfortunately… The closer the better, if they are equal in quality…


Upon review of the websites…

I would go with Dolphin Cove Resort, unless there are other places you wish to go beyond Disneyland…


The Wyndham is very nice, and more luxurious than the Dolphin Cove Resort…

But it’s a hefty drive, and without the kitchen assets… :pinch:

Ergo, Unless you want quality over close proximity, or you don’t plan on making your own meals every now and then, I would go with the Dolphin… :cool:


We are with RCI -


Well, I called today and made reservations for the Dolphins Cove Resort - Although nothing is available yet, we are on the waiting list and should hear something after the first of the year. We can’t wait to go - We will be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary there - We were in Hollywood for our Honeymoon so its kind of like going home. How is the weather in DL for Sept 13 - 20th?


The weather is perfect… :wub:

Not yet chilly… And no hot summer days…



Ooh, interesting that this thread should be here today! DH and I were just talking about when we would do DL (probably not for a couple more years) and I wondered if there was a good RCI timeshare we could use (grandpa owns and we are on “the list”)!

Gotta pack this info away in my “future trip” files!! lol


what is RCI, if I know what it exactly stands for maybe I can help you out?:blush:


oh, RCI is a timeshare company. I won’t be going next year - maybe 2 or 3 years. I am planner, so I like to start thinking about it early!! but…by the time we go, they will most likely have new resorts already! I can’t remember what it stands for…hmmm…