Timing for Driving to Epcot for Early Breakfast


Well, some of you may remember my ‘crazy’ thread and my pomegranate-martini lunch. :laugh: In any case, the woman I mentioned who is going to WDW has a question for me, but I can’t answer it because I haven’t ever driven to Epcot, so I’m not sure about the toll booth part. I’m sure someone has an answer!

We have a character breakfast reservation one morning for before the park opens. It’s at Epcot. So I take it we can go through the Epcot toll plaza prior to park hours, right? Are the car lines at these toll plazas long, or do they move pretty well? When we arrrive there at 7:45 for our 8:30 breakfast (Is that reasonable?), will we be sitting in our car in a line? Or, do we just go through the plaza, park, walk (or tram?) to the Epcot gate entrance and wait there (or hopefully not wait at all)? I am just trying to figure out how it works. Thanks!


Are they staying at a WDW resort? I am guess no if they are concerned with tolls or parking fees. If that is not the case, I suggest they take resort transportation which starts around 7am or does when I am there. (it may be special for me because mickey knows I like to get up early and be first to the parks:laugh:)

They could also (dare I say it?) park their car at one of the Epcot resorts and walk in via the International Gateway and be closer to the meal location…just sayin’ and yes, I suggested slightly breaking the rules to be on time to an ADR.:laugh:


Let’s assume they are absolutely wedded to driving in with their own car and parking at Epcot… but I’ll toss out your options!


They will be able to make it to any ADR, but may have to move their buns a little quicker than they would like that early in the morning. WDW wouldn’t book ADRs that early if it wasn’t possible to get to them.


Yes they can get there, but I would allow an hour from wherever they are on Disney buses. I would allow 45 minutes if you are driving. By the time you sit at red-lights, park, get everything out of the car, get on a tram, or walk to the entrance, and then get through security… You will eat up that time. I think they will pretty much breeze through the parking stuff that early in the morning.

I can tell by her question that she has never been. Remind her that they are masters at moving people and cars at all times. She has never experienced it, or she would remember how efficient they are at parking cars… They are great.


Hanwill is right, I would give at least an hour. It is really dependent on where you are eating too. We did Akershus for the girls this past December with a 8:30 reservation and the park opened at 8. They moved a ton of people in the park quickly, but that is a long walk if you are trying to do it in a hurry. I would arrive at least an hour before reservation time.


I told my neighbors that it would take them about 30 minutes to walk from one end of Epcot to the other. They came home and said- you were right! IT is a lot longer walk that you think…


The thread is “Timing for driving to Epcot (for early breakfast)” so the first question is “Driving from where?”
Next question is “Which restaurant?” though I’d suspect it’s Akershus.
That will determine how long a walk you’ll have once you’re in the gate.

Anyway, out at the toll barrier there will only be a couple lanes open, but there isn’t going to be a huge amount of cars an hour before rope drop. But once inside the lot, don’t automatically assume you’ll be given the closest parking spots.

Also, bear in mind with Dana’s suggestion about parking at one of the hotels.
Swan and Dolphin charge and Boardwalk’s self parking lot is across the street, next to the Hess station. So if you’re going to do this, park at the Beach, but use the excuse that you’re trying to get a walk up to Cape May for breakfast.

I’d guess with kids and gear you should arrive 60-75 minutes early when parking at a hotel or at Epcot’s guest lot.


Wherever they are staying, the most important thing is to make sure they have plenty of time. Now this was 4 years ago, but we arrived an hour early for our ADR for bkfst in Norway, well before the park officially opened. Plenty of time once at Epcot. We were staying on sight that trip at SoG so we drove over. What we really enjoyed was the relaxing time we had walking through the park having plenty of time to take pictures without the masses in the park.