Timing the rental of points...?


OK, I don’t know if I can explain my question very well, but I will try. OK, let’s say you have points to rent out to someone, and the points have to be used by December 31…

So, you announce you have the points available, and then someone comes along and says “I’d like to use your points to stay at OKW from June 1-6.” and then you see if you can get that reservation just a few months out. And if you can get it, they rent the points. Is that right?

Or do you announce the points way before the 11-month window and then try to grab up the desired resort on the first possible day?

I guess the whole concern I have is room availability. Just like any reservation, if you wait too long to book, there may not be any rooms available. So does that mean you could have points to rent that you can’t rent because you blew the timing of it? Or does Disney have plenty of rooms at any given moment, just maybe not at a particular resort.

Am I making this WAY more difficult than it is? :laugh: Am I making any sense at all?


I understand what you are asking. Yes, there will be times when members won’t be able to get certain resorts at certain times of the year. Of course, Christmas is going to book fast but also the Epcot resorts for Food and Wine.

I think if the renter is flexable with dates there shouldn’t be a problem but if they want a certain resort at a popular time then you may not be able to get tehm what they want. I think some resorts are open most of the year but the earlier you book the better and be flexable.

I rented points last winter for our July trip. I know we were less than 7 months out and we got a studio for a week at two different resorts with no issues.


OK! I guess that is the message I was hoping to get back! I am sort of picturing me, stressed out and trying to call at 7 a.m. on the day that marks the exact 11-month timeframe, hoping beyond hope to book one of a handful of villas.

:blush: Just a little moment of anxiety. It has passed now.