Timsha's semi OLRT TR


As I promised my friend Dopey, we will be posting a TR (at least in part) interactively while we are here.

Sunday 10/14 - Had to work the night before (10/13/07), so while Sharon slept, I got my butt semi kicked. Home at 0800, and it was off to the races to my fathers house, who took us to the airport (he only lives 10 minutes from there, and why pay for parking??). Pre-boarding passes in hand, we made it through security and made it down to the gates.

We had a great flight down I mostly slept (was a sleep prior to leaving the gate), while Sharon worked on a paper that she is trying to get published.

A dear friend of ours who lives down here now picked us up and gave us a ride to POFQ, where the check-in was fast and easy.

Settled into the room, unpacked, and relaxed a little, then it was off to the boat for a ride to DTD. It was very busy ( a lot more than I was expecting). Shopped around, and kept Sharon in control in the stores (that was a feat on to itself!!). Dinner was at EoS. Great chicken Cesar salad, and we split a sandwich (Earl club). It dawned on us that Sharon had not eaten ail day, and I had not eaten since Saturday afternoon (I can afford to miss a couple of meals believe me).

More walking around, more shops, renewed our AP’s and met a CM that grew up in RI, and knew where we lived (town) IASWAA!!! Had a couple of laughs with him.

Of course, a meal is not complete without desert, and what better place for desert at DTD than … Ghiradellies.

It was then back to POFQ by boat. Walked around the resort a little and reminisced (we were here 16 years ago on our honeymoon - 16 years next month). After all of that, it was time for a nice long sleep.

Monday 10/15 Todays adventure??? stay tuned!!!


Wow you guys, I cannot believe you’re up and posting this early in the day.

I love it.

Is there internet access at all the resorts now? I must have missed something :blush: That would be great.

Have a great day :smile:


love the reports that are while they are happening…don’t post to much…have fun too. Can’t wait to hear it all!!


Monday 10/15 - we got an early start after juice and coffee. It was a sunny warm and humid day. It was more crowed than we expected, but we made the best of it.

It was off to EPCOT. The first thing we did was grab FP’s for Soaring. Waiting to get on, we went on Living with the land and Circle of life. Then it was over to Soaring, which is always great!!!.

We then went over to Imagination with Figment (just love the little rascal) and then on to Honey I shrunk the audience.

We intentionally bypassed the Living Seas as we will be back later this week for the Wine & Food festival. It was now getting rather warm, and we made a brief stop in Club Cool.

We then started to head over to Test Track (but first a stop in Mouse Gears. It was about an hour wait for Test Track, but still worth the wait.

It was now a little after noon, and we decided to head over to the MK.

The MK is very festive with all of the Halloween decorations up.

Tradition has it to eat lunch (if that is what you want to call it) at Casey’s. There is only so much you can do with a hot dog, but what the heck.

We then made our way over to Monster’s Laugh Floor. This was our first time there. It was very cute. I am nit sure I would wait a long time for it, but it was cute.

We then grabbed FP’s for Buzz (a big mistake which I will explain in a minute).

Waiting for our time, we went on TTA and CoP. Two old time attractions, but still fine.

It was then on to Buzz. We always have to have a bet on the best score, and Sharon always wins. Today was no different ------ she kicked my BUTT!!!

Getting tired, we decided to just do some shopping on Main St.

It was then time to head back to the resort and relax and watch the football game and get ready for tomorrow.


oh, more reporting on the go. Love it. So, what’s the problem with the FP for Buzz?
How come it’s so busy? Is it the Wine and Food Festival? Was your resort full?
Is that what we can expect all year long now? I was hoping to have less crowds in November. Crossing my fingers.
I love that you admit that Sharon beats your butt every time :tongue:


Sounds like a perfect disney day to me. Looking forward to more!


Sorry for the lag, but we have had computer trouble down here, and opted not to post or be ion the computer much until the end of the week.

Tuesday 10/16 Another warm and humid day in Florida. It was up early and off to Disney/MGM. Mad dash to grab a fast pass for RnRC, then off to ToT. Lines were still light, so back on ToT again. Had great drops on both rides. Sharon had a stiff back, and opted not to go on RnRC, so I got to ride that twice also!!!

After the Voyage of the little mermaid, it was on to the Great Movie ride. always enjoyable.

Still rather early, but it was time for a lite lunch at Sci-fi. This is just a tradition for us. For those who have not been in a while, they recently changed the menu, so check it out prior to going. Still not bad.

We then just hung around for a while, going on sounds dangerous and going to Indiana Jones Adventure.

We called it quits early in the afternoon, as we had to go get cleaned and changed up for dinner at Port Bella at DtD. Very nice dinner with the friend who picked us up at the airport.

Then it was off to our very first MNSSHP!!! We had a great time!!! (did not get dressed up, but had a great time. The park was decorated beyond belief. The shows were great, and walked on to most rides / attractions. We did not see most of Hallo wishes, as we were in the Haunted Mansion at the time, but what we did see was awesome!!! The parade was also great. we stood at the very end of the parade route (outside the Emporium and the fire station. Back on more rides and ending leaving the park around PM. It ended up being a very long but fun day.


Wednesday 10/17 O.K., the heat and humidity are now getting to us. Very warm (high around 90). We were off to Animal Kingdom for the day. We got a bit of a late start, as we slept in after the Halloween party the night before. First, it was off to EE. We got FP’s and got in line for it at the same time. From one of the previous threads, I do not do well going back-wards, so today was Sharon’s turn to use my FP and she went on 3 times in a row. God bless her!!! Making our way to the back of the park, we went on CRR, which was a blessing and a mistake at the same time. We got drenched. There was not a thing dry on us. It was good in that it helped to cool us off, but it made going into anywhere wit air conditioning next to impossible!! After standing in line for Kilimanjaro Safari, most animals not very active due to the time of day (have found more activity early in the day). We forgot that Tusker House was closed for renovations (a tradition for us). We opted for Pizzafari.

Still being soaked, and not drying out very well, we decided to head back to the resort for some dry clothes, relax, and get ready for dinner at HDDR.

HDDR was fun as always, but it looked as many of the cast have turned over (I believe they have to casts, but did not recognize anyone). The show was still good, and our waiter gave us a second strawberry shortcake (Sharon’s favorite!!)

Back to the resort, we headed for the lounge for a drink (or 2 or 3… for Tim, Sharon does not drink). They have entertainment there Wednesday through Sunday. It was a lot of fun. The entertainer Edwin Dyson??? plays 6 or 7 different instruments, and get the audience into his act. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end the night.


Oh now, good to know that there’s something happening at Scat Cat’s as well as POR. I have to mosey on over there and check it out.

I cannot believe that you got drenched on Kali. I have always been so lucky :biggrin:


Drenched is an understatement!!! What comes after that??? It looked like we both just climbed out of a pool seriously!!!


Last two days sound perfect as well. I am so happy you both like the MNSSHP. Isn’t that parade fantastic? It’s my FAVORITE! Hallowishes is awesome as well. I just love all the villians out that night…best time to go to MK.

Can’t wait for more installments.