Tink 24's Most *MAGICAL* trip yet~


Hello everyone! I am just getting back from the most MAGICAL trip to date. I have over 400 pictures so I have to get this party started:laugh:

Im going to go over the highlights and some low lights but I hope you sit back and relax and enjoy reading and seeing pics.

Dates May 11th~May 16
Disneys Pop Century

Cast~ Me (Kate) 30
DH (Ed) 32

Didnt have to wait a single minute to ride anything EXCEPT last day at MK
Ed finally sees eye to eye with me and “likes” Disney.
Ed was offered a job at Disney and was even given a chance to see if he likes it.
I was given the BEST anniversary present EVER!!!:wub:
Buying 2 AP’s for ONLY $89 for BOTH!! NOT EACH!! BOTH:blink:

MK on the last day
ME taking us to the resort

Day1~ Tuesday May 11
Since this was a last minute trip I had to work this day. I should have worked til 12 BUT decided against it and clocked out at 10 am. Raced home to pick up Ed and the dogs so we can drop off at the boarding place and hit the road to Phila international airport. Ed decided LAST minute that he was going to take off work today so it was too late to change the flights so we decided to show up at the airport and see if we can get on the 2pm flight. NOPE… what about 3? NOPE so we were stuck getting on the 5:20 pm. So we waited and waited and finally was able to board the flight.
This WASNT a full flight BUT since SWA is open seating some guy decided to sit next to me and snore almost on my shoulder the whole time BUT I wasnt going to let that get to me so I chalked it up took some funny video of him on my cell and laughed all the way to MCO. Since SWA is the BEST airline EVER we landed 40 minutes early. I didnt want to get my bags at 1 am so I decided to get them ourselves and head over to ME which was a bad mistake because ME was onthe other side of the airport. Once we checked into ME we waited on a bus for 30 minutes. ME went to 3 seperate resorts before heading to POP. We check in and was given the 80’s by the walkman. Same building I had in Sept and I knew I didnt want to be there so I asked what was avail by the cell phones so I can cut right thru the parking lot and was given room 9141. When we got there it was the BESt location ever for a standard price and it was brand spanking new in there. New everything carpet, flat screen beds and even 100 pound bed spreads.
We hit the sack shortly after 11 pm because the next day was our 9 year anniversary.


Some more pics day one


Day 2~May12th ~ 9 year anniversary day:heart::wub::heart:

Wake up super early because we had breakfast at Ohanas at 7:30. I love love love this place and I just had to get an ADR but was calling everyday since I booked and nothing so when I called a few days before we left was able to obtain the only ADR they had.
Disney transportation wasnt running this early so we got a cab to Polly. $20 later we arrive and have a great breakfast and see Mickey:wub:


more pictures


more breakfast pictures


Great shots! Can’t wait to see the rest. We may do our first trip report this year. Less than a month til our trip.


great TR so far…more


Thanks all! I hope to have this done by tonight!


So after breakfast we headed on over to AK. Now Im not into Ak like Ed is but I decided it was going to be a more relaxed trip this time around and let him call some shots. So we get to AK at 8:55 and headed on over to EE. Ed thought this may be a super exciting ride but he soon found out it wasnt. He is used to six flags and Busch gardens:glare: so we head on EE with only a 5 minute wait.
After EE we went on Dino and was a walk on.
It wasnt even 9:45 and we already knocked off 2 must do’s. We wanted to go in order in the park and not go from one side to another so we waited for Nemo and Im so very happy we did. I :heart: that show. I have no idea why I never took the time to catch it before but now I will not miss it.
After nemo we headed for ITTBAB and then to Lion king. After Lion King we went on the safari. This was the longest wait all day by 20 minutes. After that we decided to head back to Pop for a shower and a nap because tonight was dinner at HDMR and a carriage ride around Ft. Wilderness:wub:


some of day 2 pics


more pictures cont


great tr keep it coming


Cont pictures from day 2


Cont pictures from AK


Some more nemo pics and Ak pics.


The rest of AK pictures are of the Safari and we all already seen the animals a zillion times so Im going to move on from Ak.
After AK went back to POP to get ready for dinner at HHMR. I also planned a nice carriage ride around FT. Wilderness for our anniversary. I had a reservation at 7 but we were at the camp ground well before because Ed wanted to check out the boston whalers.


Once we got to Ft. Wilderness Ed wanted to check out the boston whalers. Once we pulled up to the dock he was shocked upset and mad that the motor was so little. He started to chat up with a guy on the boat transportation about the rentals and was advised NOT to rent them because they moved like snails so Ed wanted to check it out for him self and he didnt look to happy.


I felt bad for him. After 4-5 years of coming to Disney by myself I finally “lure” him back in with the boat rentals and he cant even rent them because they stink. So after he got over that (not really and Ill explain soon) we headed over to the tavern for some drinks. $18 later and a still upset Ed I took him for a walk over to the horse that was tied up and waiting to go. I never let him know what I have planned til the minute we walked up tot he horse and carriage. I told him this was a little surprize for him for our anniversary. He always wanted to tour the Ft. Wilderness and i thought this was going to be the perfect way to do so. WRONG!!! I was advised when booking that the ride would go around the park for a “tour” All we did was go down 1 trail for 20 minutes then can back and it was over. Not to mention the carriage was old and about to fall apart. When the driver was turning the corner witht he horse the carriage almost fell over because the wheel lost balance on the sidewalk and the dirt. So , after we lived to see another day we paid and was on our way. Since Ihave ARD’s for 9:30 at HDMR and it was only 7:30 ish we decided to hop the boat and head over to WL to see if their boats were any better. I asked the CM that was driving the boat about the rentals. we struck up a conversation with her and she told Ed to come up to the front. I had no idea what she wanted with him so I told him to go and see. She let him drive the boat!!! All the way to the dock:eek::blink::eek: I thought I was dreaming because in all my years going to Disney Ive never seen this before so Im not too sure if she had a crush on my husband or just didnt value her job but Im sure happy she let him do that because it put a pep in his step and got rid of his funky mood BUT we did cruise around with her for a hour or so before heading back to our ADR and I couldnt help to notice she was giving him a flirty smile and such but I didnt care… I was in Disney and he wasnt in a mood:laugh: Here is Ed driving the boat. I tried to get in front and take pictures but I almost fell off the side:blush: so I decided to head to my bench and take pictures from behind.:glare: (note to self~Never try and take pics on moving boat from the front after 2 pina colodas :laugh::blush::ph34r:)


In all my years going to Disney I have no clue why I never tried HDMR. This is a must do IF im going to be on the DDP. If not I wouldnt pay OOP. This was by far the best entertainment Ive seen on WDW property. Ed and I got such a kick out of this show. We both said that we cant wait to do it again. I just dont think that Ed will drink 2 pitchers of beerr by his self again. Here are some pics from the dinner.


pictures cont from dinner