Tink 74's Xmas 07 Trip Report


Hey guys! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get writing this TR, but boy has it been busy with the holidays around here! Oh, and I’ll get pictures on as quick as possible…gotta get them all together!

This was a very different trip for us…a delayed flight, long breaks during the day (we never do that!I really enjoyed hanging at the resort this time because I love POFQ and really got a chance to explore it and I love the food court there!!), Biergarten, the new Spaceship Earth, winning a dream:happy: , 1900 Park Fair, Photo Pass pkg, we set the fire alarm off without any fire:pinch:, and lots and lots of people!!

The cast:
DS 1 S
DS 2 D
DS 3 Toddler P
My Dad

The reason:
It’s Disney!! Christmas!! and my sister graduated with a doctorate in PT on the day we left!!

Day 1/2
Can’t really count this as a full day. We had a terrible storm and it caused all kinds of delays with the airlines. We were supposed to get to the World around 4pm, but it ended up being 9pm, so instead of hitting the MK we just hung around the resort (which ended up being the theme of the trip:happy: ).
The flight was very bumpy, but it was good none the less…I was worried about P being out of control this time, but he fell asleep on take off and stayed asleep until about 5 minutes before landing!!! He was an angel!!

(My parents plane didn’t arrive till closer to midnight:pinch: and they didn’t get to the resort until 1:30am:pinch: )

Day 1
Since my family got in so late, we slept in a little…a big mistake! We were supposed to go to MGM since they had EMH that morning, but I warned them that it wasn’t a good idea to go there since we missed the EMH’s. But everyone was geared up for ToT so off we went. I knew there was going to be a swarm of people, but I had no idea how big of a swarm!!!
We fast passed RNRC and got in line for ToT. Got to ride each one once, and then decided to split up for whatever interested us. I went with Toddler P, DS1, and my parents to Playhouse Disney (didn’t feel like a lot of people over there) and then I took Toddler P to see the Little Einsteins and JoJo:wub: while my parents and DS1 hit TGMR and everyone else stood in line for RNRC and ToT.
We got to do the Muppets, saw the Jedi Training Show (very cute! I thought the kids were going to pee themselves when Darth came out!!:laugh: ), some of us went to Lights/Motors, had some Mickey ice cream bars, and then we called it an afternoon. We went back to the resort for a late lunch and a nap and to get recharged for the Osbourne lights!!!:wub:

The Osbourne Lights are amazing!!! I think they’re reason enough to take a trip to Florida. I hope I got some good pictures, but I know they just won’t do them justice.


Welcome home! And even though you had some delays, it sounds like you had a wonderful time! I can’t wait to read more and see some pics too!

And, you won a dream?! AWESOME!!


ooh, can’t wait to hear more!!


Welcome home… your off to a great TR start…


Great start to the TR, I can’t wait to hear more!! :biggrin: