Tink and Dixie


Girls have a great trip. I am so glad you guys are getting to spend a day together while you are there.

Tink -
Hope you get to leave today like you were planning. You will be sorely missed on here while you are gone, but I look forward to every word of your trip report as always. If you get a second, will your drop me a Villains postcard? I need a WDW pick-me-up. Of course, I will be sure to send you one when I go in January and you will be over due for a WDW fix by then…lol Going to miss you and your posts girl. Have a great time.

Dixie -
You get yourself on that Splash Mountain…you hear? You can do it. Shut your eyes and try it. I promise you will not be dissappointed. If you find yourself needing a pep talk before that flight, you PM me. I’ll give you one. Have fun on that trip. I hope you will post us a great trip report about you and tink with tons of pics.

May the mouse be with you…lol :mickey:


Yeah…you GO girls!!! Have a wonderful time, both of you. Dixie, REALLY!!! You’ve got to do SM! Since it involves water it’s really the only thrill ride that scares me, but I still can’t miss it. Rafikiman & DD always have to get pictures of me coming down 'cause I’m always looking petrified…but I love it anyway. Trust me on this!!! :biggrin:


Have a wonderful time girls!!!


Dixie and Tink I hope you have a wonderful time in Disney


I am so envious! Hope you guys have a blast…which I am sure you will! How could you not when you are at the happiest place on earth!


Thank you everyone your so kind, I dont go until next Friday the 13th so I am around for a few days yet!!! Just spoke to Tink and she’s all set to go, we can’t wait to see each other again, so exciting, but thanks again for all your good wishes


Great!!! Just that much more time for us to convince you to GO ON SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!! :biggrin:


Dixie, as far as I know has not yet made it to WDW. because of Charley she was stranded in NY. I spoke to her MIL this afternoon and they may end up having to return to England. I called the Plaza (thats where they are staying in NY) but only got the voice mail box. left her a message hoping to hear something from her soon.


Oh! :nonono2: That would be horrible.

I really hope they get to go down for at least a day or two.


OH NO! I hope it worked out for her. I cna’t beleive having to turn all the way around and go back. I hope she didn’t … i ma hoping for hte best… Please let us know as soon as possible Tink… :heart:


Oh Tink, that terrible! All that planning I’m so disappointed for you both. Hope it works out for Dixie. To come all that way, only to be stopped by that darn hurricane. Rats!


I am honestly heartbroken … I have cried my eyes out over this … I havent seen her in 2 years and, wanted this so bad, but it will be even worse if they have to go home, I know the weather channel is reporting delays still at MCO … since I havent heard back from her I am hoping they are on their way to WDW but … I was told her room would be gone… they put everyone at fort wilderness up in the resorts, and all resorts were full. I know she couldnt call (the CM I spoke to said she had to call by noon yesterday or loose her room) my daughter couldnt get a call in except through my cell. I couldnt call the front desk from our room, nor get any messages on the voice mail at POR. I just hope that if they get to WDW they have a room


I can’t beleive they would have lossed their room! That’s horrible. I hope she got there safe and sound and that a room was waiting for her. Please Tink, keep us updated. I’ll be thinking of her and her family. i am truely sorry you two didn’t meet up. I know you were so excited about it. :heart:


I am crying again … I just re-read Dixie’s last email that I got right before we left . We were going to meet in the lobby of POR …and now I am sitting here wondering where she is … is she still in NY …has she gotten down to Florida …or have they given up and gone back to England.

so if this is our last mail, then -see you in the lobby my dearest friend, I’ll be the one with the biggest smile and bursting with love for you all, oh I can’t wait, so, safe trip, take it steady, give our love to those gorgeous girls and Melvin too, and of course tons of love to you, hey, see you soon grin


Oh Tink, I am so sorry that your plans didn’t work out because of the hurricane. I remember last year, as I was planning our trip and active on the boards almost daily, that you mentioned your friend from the UK often and were longing to see her again. I wish I could give you both a do-over on your trips.

Please keep us posted when you hear from Dixie.


Tink -

You should call her and check on her. I hope she is still not in NY…not that I don’t love NY, but being stuck in the airport there when I am suppose to be in WDW, would be like living in heck. I hope you hear real soon. I’m starting to worry.


I have some great news … Dixie and Family are safe and sound at POR as of late last night. I called today and they were there. We spent a couple hours on the phone … and boy what a horrible ordeal they had been through. The minute I heard her voice I started to cry just in relief!!


Doh! What a bummer! Still, in the great scheme of things no harm done. Could have been a great deal worse. Gives you both an excuse to plan another get-together. Next time will be even better now!! :flowers:


I’m so glad they made it! It would have been horrible if they would have had to go back home, without having their holiday. Still sorry you didn’t get your reunion, though. Well - at least she saw a bit of NY


Tink -

I am so happy to hear that Dixie and her family made it to WDW. I was hoping she didn’t have to go all the way back home! I hope that she finds some serious magic and has a great time to counter the horrid time she had getting there. So happy that she is safe and sound :wub: