Tink Flight



I am going in a few weeks. Is Tink flying this early? I seem to remeber she starts after Memorial Day. I have a feeling she’s not, but I wasn’t sure because of the celebration.


Hey! Welcome back! Yep, I think she flys during the fireworks through the celebration.


Yup, shes been flying since May 5, 2005. Her new flying pattern is amazing! You’ll love it!


Does she fly only on Fri/Sat/Sun right now though???


Yea, currently the firework show only operates on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays - This is because A) The show creates a lot of smoke, B) It creates a lot of noise and many of the surrounding residents dont like it, and C) The crowds arent large enough at this moment in time to keep it going pretty much nightly.


Poor local residents… :crying:


I could only wish as much! :pinch:


Ehh the surrounding residents are all just whiners and complain too too much (for those who do). I loved hearing the boom of the show, it reminded me how close I was to the magic and it was a timer saying Time to go out and see some fireworks, you just get used to it, so for those who whine are just snobs, lol. :tongue:


Does this change to nightly during the summer?

If the fireworks change to nightly in the summer, What is the normal date for the change to nightly?

We (the whole family of 6) are planning to go during the week (Mon-Thur), sometime in the first 2 weeks of June.

Where is the best place to see the fireworks / Tinks flight?

Thanks for the info!


To be honest Im not sure of the summer time fireworks. You would have to call the resort and ask them, sorry. But I feel the best place to watch the fireworks is in the hub looking straight at the castle, this way you get a good view of the castle and all of the fireworks get launched around and over you.


DO you think there are some people who DON’T like DisneyLand(World)??? :eek: :eek: :eek: …Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :tongue:


WELCOME to DC!!! :mickey: I love Heimlich (sp?)!!! :heart: :heart:


Well that would just be silly!

Tinks flight pattern is awesome! We loved the show!


We didn’t see Wishes last year, but will definitely make a point to see it this year. Is this Tink a real person who flies on the wire? I saw the wire suspended from the castle, but thought it was a mechanical figure. Is she real? Also, how early do you really need to claim a spot for the fireworks? Should you lay down a blanket or something on the ground? Or plop down on a bench and “save” the space for everyone with you? I know my boys won’t be able to just sit and wait for an hour or 2. So either me or DH will sit while the other occupies the boys. Sorry I rambled. Any thoughts? Should I start another thread about this?


Sign me up too. I would love to be able to see those fireworks at the end of each day. Just a little bit of magic to end a day with sounds perfect to me. The locals must be universal lovers :angel:


I would love to be able to SEE the fireworks from my home. In the summer we hear the weekly fireworks from surrounding towns, but can’t see them! All we hear is BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. No big deal. It only lasts for 15-20 mnutes. No tears shed here.


Tinkerbells flight over Sleeping Beauty Castle from the Matterhorn during Remember…Dreams Come True is a real person and instead of just going staright by shes go back and forth, swaying and casting magical pixie dust upon the crowd. Then in the closing she comes back out and repeats and helps you to Remember…Dreams Come True. :happy:


B) The residents don’t like it?! GGAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :eek:

My family and I would absolutely LOVE it!! But, then again, we’re extreme Disney fanatics!! :mickey: :pirate: :mickey: :pirate: :mickey: :pirate: :mickey: :pirate:


Is this Tink a real person who flies on the wire?

Of course Tinkerbell is real! :wink: There is nothing mechanical about her.


I think the Tink Flight of Remember is different than Wishes, but I could be wrong. And yes, the tink at DL is a real person. (again, I couldn’t tell you about WDW) You can tell she is real, her flight lasts at least a minute and a half… going up and down and all around the castle. Quite an amazing effect they pulled off!


The flight of Tink in Remember…Dreams Come True is very different from the flight in Wishes. In RDCT she flies back and forth above Sleeping Beauty Castle and appears twice during the show, in Wishes she just flies down from the castle and then shes gone. So they are quite different, both cool, but different.