Tink67's WDW Road Trip 2010 TR


Things have finally settled down after a crazy week and I actually have a few minutes to start a quick TR.

Kristin-My brave sister who thought a WDW Road Trip with 3 kids be fun :blink:
Will-13 year old DS
Kylie-11 year old DD
Eila-3 year old DD

Friday, March 26 - I worked in the morning until 11:00, came home and finished packing the car. Picked up the older two kids from school and had to wait for my sister to get out of work. I picked up Kris at 4:00 and our adventure began.

Since it was Friday during Lent our dinner options were pretty limited, found a Pizza Hut Express, ordered to go and got back on the road ASAP. Eila was not happy with Kristin taking her pic, she does not like being bothered while eating.


Kylie, the drama queen, does not like to miss a photo op.


Aww she’s a cutie. Can’t wait to read this report. I need a disney fix today.


Saturday, March 27 - Kristin and I took shifts driving straight through the night. It was a bit tough but travelling with quiet kids was worth it. Quiet kids until we needed to make a pit stop that is. This pic was taken on at 3:54 a.m., think the kids were a bit excited?


I love the face on your little one. She is most definately excited. That’s kinda the face I make as our plane lands.:laugh:


Loved seeing this sign!


Think they are happy to be in Florida?


How can they not be excited to be in Florida!
Nice start to your TR and your kids are adorable.


Raised a glass of OJ and toasted by grandfather who made countless trips between NJ and Florida, he was a huge Disney fan:wub:


great so far keep it coming.


After we had just turned onto I-4, Kylie was gearing up, she was good to go.


Cheers to Disney road trips!!!

this makes my Saturday at work a lot more fun…:laugh:


Yeah baby! they do look excited, and I bet you women were exhausted!!! You’re a great mom and she’s a terrific aunt!


Because we had driven straight through Friday night into Saturday morning we arrived in Downtown Disney at 10:00 a.m. I had called the Holiday Inn in Downtown as soon as we crossed into Florida and made a ressie for 1 night as our stay at SSR didn’t begin until Sunday. We pulled up, I checked in and much to our surprise, our room was ready. With blazing speed the kids unpacked the essentials and we made our way up to our room. We all freshened up and in true, hard-core Disney fan fashion we decided to head into a park. I let the older kids choose so we were off to Epcot. We spotted Daisy Duck as soon as we walked into Epcot standing all alone. We weren’t sure how Eila was going to react when she met her first character, needless to say we had nothing to worry about.


We made our way to The Land, well actually almost ran there, WE WERE STARVING! I love this pic, Will is an awesome big brother.


After we ate and Kristin and I got some more caffeine in us we decided to introduce Eila to a ride and “Living with the Land” seemed like a good choice. She wasn’t so sure about that.


Your family is adorable! keep the pics coming!


great report love the pics keep it coming.


After The Land Pavilion we made our way over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion and were just in time to catch “Turtle Talk” which we love. Eila was mesmerized by the rays in the tanks in the waiting area of “Turtle Talk” Kylie hammed it up with Bruce


Here are just a bunch of pics from the rest of our first day at Epcot. We actually covered quite a bit considering we had gotten into the park around 12:45. We made our way to Mexico in World Showcase to kill some time before we were able to use our Mission Space FP’s. It was a pretty long day considering I had been up since that 3:45 pit stop. After Mission Space we decided to pack it in. We caught a bus back to the Holiday Inn, hopped in the car and settled on Qdoba for dinner. We brought dinner back to our hotel room ate and then crashed fairly early. We were looking forward to checking into SSR the next morning.