Tinker Bell flight


At which park is it that you can see tinker bell take flight? Also someone told me the best spot is the view from a certain bridge , any ideas as to where in the park they are speaking of?:tinkerbell:


Yes, It is in the Magic Kingdom. She flies down from the right side of the castle (as you face it) towards tomorrow land. That is the bridge you want to be on to watch.


thank you very very much:mickey:


Mmmm…when does this happen? My daughter would love this.


Wishes Nighttime Spectacular | Walt Disney World Resortdurning the wishes fireworks show


The Tink zip line goes right over Tomorrowland Terrace.
Before they started doing dessert buffets there, yuo could just walk up and station yourself right underneath the line so she’d go right overhead.
There’s also the walkway behind the right side popcorn stand that reconnects at the bridge into Tomorrowland from the Hub. Again, you can get right underneath the line there too.

I’d suggest downloading either my Wishes or Holiday Wishes videos to see what we’re talking about.