Tinker Bell


It came out on DVD yesterday. Who bought it? Who watched it? Any reviews yet? I got it from Netflix and will watch it later today with DD. I, actually, can’t wait to see it. I’ll post my review after I have watched.

Any opinions?


We bought it and DD watched it last night and we watched part of it in the car on the way to school. I haven’t really seen the whole thing, but it is cute (the parts that I did see). I’ll watch it tonight and give a better review in the morning.

I WAS a bit disappointed that Tinkerbell talks in the movie…I just love that little wordless attitude that she has. All of that didn’t seem to bother DD at all…she LOVED IT.


I know where im going tonight…wal-mart for tink!!! cant wait!!! thanks for the review.
I :heart: tink!


I love Tinker Bell more than anything but I am boycotting the whole thing. I just can’t do a talking CGI Tink, they’re messing with a perfect classic. Call me stubborn but I just am not buyin’ it.


Jess, I was wondering what you think of meet and greet with Tinker Bell??? I think you can now see her in Toon Town. I don’t know if I’m even going to tell my DD about this, I don’t want to confuse her…Tinkerbell is suppose to be a tiny fairy.


I have to agree with that. I am not interested in seeing the movie nor the M&G. Or maybe I just go and see the fairies to see how tiny they are. They should be teeny, tiny :pinch:


I agree with you also. Something not right having Tink ask you where you’re from and if you’re having a fun time. :pinch:


Theres Tink meet and greets? Im half excited half terrfied about this, no-way should Tinkerbell be taller than me or even talk but I want my pictuure with her so badly!! When is the film released in the UK? Talking Tink or not Ill need it for the Disney collection lol


I’m with you ladies. Tink should be tiny and magical and float around in her little orb of light. I will never go to a Tink M&G.


At the meet and greet do they at least make it seem like you have been “transported” into fairy land or something? Like the flowers and things around you are big? That would be kinda cool.


Somewhere I did read/see that you are either transported to ‘their’ world or it is supposed to make you feel like you are now their size so im thinking that it will be BIG things all around…kinda like the honey i shrunk the kids area, where everything is BIG to make you feel small…maybe:confused:


We had the DS game yesterday and there is a trailer for the DVD on there, I thought the Tink looked a little odd?? a little harsh??otr maybe its just me.


Nope, wasn’t just you Dixie. Nothing Tink about her. She needs a dose of pixie dust for sure.


I am sorry but I disagree with all of you. I am a huge Tinkerbelle fan and I loved the movie. It was so cute. I also can’t wait for the meet and greet with Tinkerbell. The whole idea of WDW is magical so that is how Tink gets big. I for one have never seen a 5 foot tall mouse walking around :slight_smile: Just my opinion!


I’m with Jen. I loved it! The story was cute, the fairies were good and Tink’s voice really fit her. I can’t wait for the MnG. FYI, there are more movies in the works. There is a preview on the DVD for the next installment. So, whether you agree or not, they are continuing with this concept and I think it is being well received by children which is their target audience.

Give it a chance, you never know, you may like it.


It was really cute, and I bet it will be a big hit with children. And with the different kind of fairies I am sure they pull of many more installments.


I understand the story & explanation of the whole thing. I TOTALLY get that I am being ‘fairydusted’ into their world & that’s why I can hear Tink b/c I am in Pixie Hollow. I get the whole thing BUT… she just will never look like the classic Tink to me. Not to mention this whole CGI image of her, it’s just not right to me, it looks different & I just love the original.


I think I have to agree with both views. It is directed more to children obviously, but the children today have really only been exposed to the new CGI. I admit I’m not a big fan of it either, but if that’s really all they know, they can’t miss the good ol’ stuff. :blush:

But, in response to the actual original post, I will not be seeing it. Not my cup of tea. Plus, no time or money - I’m in college :laugh:


That makes a lot of sense, Jen. I guess we really should trust Disney to do it up right, right!?
I still am not interested in seeing the movie but I am going into the M&G with an open mind :blush:


And to be fair, no one complains that Chip and Dale are the wrong size… :laugh: