Tinker Bell's Pixie Prints!


Disneyland.com now offers this very cool thing called “Tinker Bell’s Pixie Prints”. What it is is a choice of 5 or so different borders (The castle, retro, golden castle design, monsters inc, etc etc) for your own personal pictures or invitations that you create on their site and save them to your computer and print them out, you can make them in 3 different sizes and once you have the picture made up you can then add little graphics to it like stars, the DLR logo, flags, the castle, etc. Its VERY cool and I would highly recomend you all check it out when you get a chance! :mickey: Enjoy!


yeah my aunt did this to let us all know that we are going to disneyland!!! i don’t know where mine is but if i find it i’ll post it.


Hey that is soo cool!!


Very cool!! Thanks for the info!


I’ve got a few hanging on my fridge that I did a while back. They are really cute!


How cute! Thanks for the info!!! :heart:


Thanks for the info…


I looked. Maybe i’ll actually do one when I have some creative time:)


Oh wow, that rocks! THESE ARE SOOO COOL!! I really hope they are still up next month b/c you KNOW I am going to use this feature after our visit!

(In 25 days BTW!!! :tongue: :happy: :wub: :wink: :excl: :laugh: :biggrin: :phone: :mickey: :whistling :mickey: :smile: )