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Here goes…my first attempt at a trip report!

Who: Me, DH, DD10 and DD4, DH’s boss, her husband and their DD4.
What: Weekend trip with guests
When: Friday, March 19 through Sunday, March 21
Why: DH’s boss asked if we could coordinate a weekend to all go together since DH talks about WDW so much and they wanted to take DD.

Day 1
The plan was to meet at Pop Century around 9am. DH’s boss originally said they planned to leave their house at 5am :eek: – we were able to talk them into 6 instead, and since DH is Mr. Punctuality, we were rolling at 6 on the dot, no matter what. I was up late Thursday night finishing laundry, packing and trying to clean house so it wouldn’t be a wreck when we got back (don’t you hate that??), so Friday morning came early for me.

We hopped on I-95 South just after 6, as planned. Around 7, DH texted his boss just to see if they were on the road. He didn’t hear back ‘til after 8, but she texted back that they were rolling. We stopped for a quick bite in Daytona just before getting on I-4 West, and arrived at POP just before 9. Waited in the lobby, expecting them to arrive at any minute since we hadn’t heard anything different. Waited, and waited, and waited. Finally around 10:00, DH got a text that his boss’s husband “had to stop” for something, but they should be arriving in about 30 minutes. An hour later, he checked in with her again and she said we should go ahead and check in (abandoning the original plan of checking in together so we could get adjoining rooms), so we did. Unloaded our luggage, checked out our room, headed back to lobby. We waited awhile longer, and finally he texted her that we were going to head to Epcot and they could meet us there. We got to Epcot around noon, and just piddled in Innoventions (the star in your own video game thing was a big hit), and headed to Club Cool for some Kinley :wub:, not wanting to get too far from the entrance since they were supposed to be arriving soon.

We decided to try out the Kim Possible thing, but somewhere between Club Cool and Innoventions, DH lost his prescription eyeglasses. We checked with every cast member in the general area, checked with Guest Relations, and eventually checked with Lost & Found at the Transportation and Ticket Center two days later – no glasses. It was weird, because we realized it within one minute of when he would’ve dropped them, but couldn’t find them anywhere, stepped-on or otherwise. I guess someone may have tossed them in the trash. Anyway, DH is blind as a bat without his glasses, and he didn’t bring his extra pair with him, so he had to wear his prescription sunglasses for the remainder of the trip and couldn’t really see on indoor attractions. :sad:


We finally decided to head over to the countries after not hearing from our guests for a while, and soon found out they were hungry and decided to eat in Mexico when they got there, without bothering to let us know. Finally around 1, we met up with them and rode a few rides – Maelstrom, Nemo, did Turtle Talk with Crush. Fast passes had all been distributed for the day for Test Track and Soarin’ by this point, and DH’s boss’s husband had the audacity to be mad at Disney about that! I’m thinking, you’re the one who had to stop (for something at the Nike outlet in Orlando, which they waited to open, as we later found out) and took your dear sweet time getting here! Turns out he was not excited about going to Epcot so he decided to be selfish and inconsiderate to the rest of us who were. :angry:

We did Journey into Imagination and played in the imagination labs afterward, and waited 45 minutes for DH’s boss’s family to get a picture made. After all of that, her husband decided he didn’t like the picture so they didn’t buy it. I was pretty irritated with him at this point. One other reason I was annoyed is because we have seasonal passes with park hopper, and they just bought the 4-day, 4-park FL resident special tickets without park hopper, so we were stuck in a park all day that he didn’t even want to be in. We were happy to do that, but not if they were going to act like jerks.

We went back to Pop to let the girls take a nap….the parks were crowded, it was hot and had not been a good day. Then we met them back at Epcot at 8:00 for Illuminations and EMH. They wanted to do Test Track and Soarin’. We waited 40 minutes for Test Track after Illuminations – not too bad, I thought, considering the crowds from earlier in the day. But our ride car stopped RIGHT before the barrier test and best part of the ride, and we were stuck on it for 45 minutes. Finally cast members came around and let us off the ride, telling us they were shutting it down for the night. We didn’t really have time to wait for Soarin’ by this point, and they gave us fast passes for Test Track that were good for two weeks, but that was the only day our guests would be there. The girls were super tired, so we all headed back to the hotel and crashed around midnight.

Highlights of the day:
Hmmmm…… :laugh:
DD4 and DH’s boss’s DD4 hit it off and had a great time together. That was a plus.

Lowlights of the day:
Inconsiderate guests
DD4 getting sunburned on shoulders
DH losing glasses

Coming up……Day 2: Animal Kingdom. A much better day!


OH… goodness. I would be soooooo frustrated. I know people just like that and they’re so inconsiderate.

I’d guess someone stepped on the glasses and then the shattered mess got thrown out.


Tinker Mel, your trip report is brilliant-but I am so sorry about poor DH’s glasses! I know how that feels, if anything were to happen to mine, well, I can’t imagine what I would do.
Anyway, aside from that, please write more…


I would have been spitting nails.:angry:…but what could you say??? Such an awful spot to be in.

Thank God your DH had his sunglasses with him. I’m so bad if my glasses fell off I wouldn’t be able to see where they landed.:laugh:


Day 2
I told DH I wasn’t going to get up at the crack of dawn again this day after the bad experience the day before. He thought I was being vindictive and should just grow up and deal with it……:glare: Okay, maybe I was being a TAD vengeful after the way we were treated on Friday by our guests, but mainly I was just tired and didn’t want to rush. We set the alarm for 8 and I woke up on my own and got in the shower 5 minutes before that. After getting myself and the girls ready, we headed to Animal Kingdom around 9. The park was really crowded, but somehow the wait times weren’t bad at all this day. It was 78 degrees and sunny…a little hot for my taste, but hey, after this winter I was not complaining about a little warm weather. :heart:

On our way to meet our company in Dinoland, we stopped and watched the Village Beatniks in Discovery Cove. Has anyone ever stopped to watch them before? Well, my husband is a percussionist (not professionally, but he’s classically trained), and one of his good friends from high school is in the Village Beatniks. Always so good to see him! When we were there in November, he let our DD10 have a part in the show. :blush:

We watched the rest of their show and caught up with him, then headed to ride Triceratop Spin with DH’s boss, her husband and their daughter. Once again, the two 4-year-old girls hit it off immediately and began holding hands and skipping through the park together all day. It really was precious. To my surprise, they WERE capable of getting up and getting somewhere in the morning, and had already ridden Dinosaur and had breakfast in the park before we arrived.

The whole mood of this day was much better. I think we were all ready for a fun day, and the days when you don’t have to drive to or from Disney and will wake up and go to sleep in your hotel are always the most fun and care-free for me.

Although we’d been to Animal Kingdom several times, I’d never been able to get DH to ride Kali River Rapids prior to this trip. After DD4 saw it on the latest “Must Do” countdown with Stacy back in the hotel, I knew he wouldn’t be able to turn it down again! She talked about it non-stop! :laugh: We (like wimps) all pulled out the ponchos and rode it twice. I don’t know if it was just the mood or what but it was SO MUCH FUN!! After KRR, we did Kilimanjaro Safaris, ITTBAB, Expedition Everest (twice, except for DD4 and me, since I’m not a huge fan and she was a fraction of an inch too short), and Dinosaur. Later in the afternoon, we rode Kali again 3 times! This was definitely the hit of the day.

We snacked on pretzels and candied nuts in the morning, had Flame Tree BBQ ribs for lunch (which are usually really good, but mine were fatty & :blow: this time), and watched DH’s friend from the Village Beatniks in the parade. Had a little ice cream somewhere in there, too.

We left the park around 6 to head back to the hotel. They wanted to go to Outback for dinner and we were beat and did not, so that was the end of our time together on this trip, as they were only staying for two days. Thankfully, they somewhat redeemed themselves on the second day. And their daughter is precious, so it was hard to stay TOO mad. :wub: All in all, our time with them wasn’t terrible, but I think we would’ve had more fun by ourselves and probably wouldn’t want to do a repeat trip with them any time too soon.

DH wanted to get to the hotel and take a shower & a nap, but the girls & I had been saying all day how much we’d like to swim in the pool but we forgot to pack our suits. I dropped him off at the hotel and went in search of a Target store. I was glad to find one just a few miles outside of WDW on 192. It was a brand new one. They had a whole huge section of licensed Disney stuff….ponchos, souvenirs (some were cheesy but some weren’t bad), all kinds of stuff. I do think we’ll buy our ponchos from there in the future and just stock up. $1.99 for a decent-weight poncho sure beats the $7.50 Disney ones or the horrible garbage bag-style “emergency” ones that are so cheap.

We were planning to just grab a basic swimsuit for each of us, but of course it was an ordeal to find one for me. I didn’t want a two-piece (and I think the rest of the world would thank me for that), but it was slim-pickin’s for anything modest and/or not ugly. I finally bought a tankini with a cover-up and a suit for each of the girls, but it was $100 by the time I got out of there, and dark outside. :pinch: We got back to the hotel and ate, and then DD4 fell asleep on the bed. Never made it to the pool, but it was OK….and when I got home I returned my ugly $60.00 suit that I never used. I really should’ve known better than to think I could find something quickly for myself, but it was okay anyway because I’m ALWAYS game for a trip to Target. :wub: Last year I gave up Target for Lent!

We showered & went to bed, planning to get up for rope drop at the Magic Kingdom the next morning.

To be continued……


Thanks, guys! I was steaming mad, but trying to keep my cool for DH’s benefit. Jo-jo, you’re right - it was a really awful spot to be in because he couldn’t exactly just blow them off since it was his BOSS. She was aggravated with her husband, too…she warned us before the trip that he was fussy and could be a pain.

She wanted to stay in Pop Century with us, but he wanted to book the Contemporary. And nothing against that to be sure - I mean, I’m jealous that I can’t afford to stay there myself - but I don’t see the point in spending that much just to lay your head somewhere for 6 or 7 hours when you’re planning to be in the parks all day and will only be there for 2 days. He was kinda snobby about POP, but I didn’t care by that point. I was glad that our rooms faced the back of the building and not the pool, because I was sure he would’ve complained about the noise.


[QUOTE=dixie;1025454]Tinker Mel, your trip report is brilliant-but I am so sorry about poor DH’s glasses! I know how that feels, if anything were to happen to mine, well, I can’t imagine what I would do.
Anyway, aside from that, please write more…[/QUOTE]

Thank you! I tried to convince DH that we should call his optometrist’s office and get them to fax his prescription over to a LensCrafters or even (gasp) Wal-Mart vision center so he could get a cheap extra pair of glasses, but he’s a tightwad and decided just to make do.


Great TR . . . can’t wait for more!

I :heart: Target! I should probably give it up for Lent next year. It would be a much bigger sacrifice for me than Diet Coke, which I give up every year!:laugh:


Gave up Target for Lent! :laugh: That’s hilarious! We also love KRR. It’s one of my fav rides and I never get on it without a poncho! Glad your second day was better! Hope the rest of the trip is good too.


subscribing. I have to read this all later.
I see this :glare: and this :blush: and this :angry: and this :heart: and this :blush: - it must be a really fun, interesting report :cool:


[QUOTE=missymouse;1025463]Great TR . . . can’t wait for more!

I :heart: Target! I should probably give it up for Lent next year. It would be a much bigger sacrifice for me than Diet Coke, which I give up every year!:laugh:[/QUOTE]

Girl, we have the same vices! I couldn’t decide whether Target or Diet Coke would be tougher to give up…and this year I considered Diet Coke again but ultimately wimped out.


[QUOTE=Dopey;1025482]subscribing. I have to read this all later.
I see this :glare: and this :blush: and this :angry: and this :heart: and this :blush: - it must be a really fun, interesting report :cool:[/QUOTE]

Haha…yeah, I guess I went a little emoticon-happy. I do try to spell correctly and use punctuation, though - so hopefully it won’t be TOO much of a bear to read! :happy::blush::phone::laugh:


So I hear you guy’s are booking another trip with DH Boss ??? :laugh:
Just thought I’d ask…

Wow … Seems like a frustrating trip?

YES … Target is addicting!!!


It reads beautifully. My blood pressure is rising though?
What possessed you guys to go with your DH’s boss? I would always be afraid of exactly what you described in your first installment. Yikes, how is this going to end?

Ok, enough…reading on :pirate:


Great report and I love the fact that you gave up target for Lent!:happy:

Did you take any pictures?


wow sorry about the boss. but with a 4 yr old how could they go to disney and NOT go to MK?!


I’ve been to lunch with DH the past two days, and he’s had Diet Coke to drink, while I have to stick with water or tea. :frown: Only 10 more days . . . :laugh:


I thought the same thing!


Loving the TR!

If this makes you feel any better about day 1, know this…I have learned the very important lesson to NEVER travel with my and/or DH’s boss!

Can’t wait for more!


:laugh: Gave up target for lent! Love it! :laugh:


She said they’d taken her to MK 3 or 4 times before and no other parks so far, because (wait for the shock of this) her DH didn’t want to try any other parks. So this time she insisted on going to others, and chose Epcot and AK. I kinda feel like she used us to manipulate her husband into going, because it sounds like he wouldn’t have otherwise. But the kids had fun, at least.