Tinkerbell, Dixie & Charley


I can’t help but wonder about Tinkerbell and family and what they are doing during the hurricane. I understand from her posts that their vacation overlap time with her good friend Dixie is short. I do hope that the hurricane will not cause them to miss each other!

I believe that other DCer’s are at WDW. I look forward to reading their adventures.

Even though I haven’t posted in a long time (PDD and problems at home) I have been lurking from time to time. I do miss this place and WDW.


I think Tink was scheduled to head home yesterday. I know Dixie is still there.


We were laughing about what happens if they have to close the parks because of weather… do the resorts roll out some portable bars? Ha! My kids thought everyone at WDW should just go to DisneyQuest… can you imagine? 400,000 people crammed into that building?


Apparently there is some extremely wicked weather going on there right now…and it’s gonna get worse…so hopefully the Disney people are doing whatever they can to make them comfortable and hopefully safe.


Hope Dixie and family are well and making the best of a bad situation. She is a very positive woman, so I can’t imagine her being devastated. It will be over before they know I hope. :heart:


What about the animals at AK and AKL???


I am sure that they all have “houses” or atleast some sort of shelters where they can go in bad weather.


I’m sure they do, because I do believe they put them up at night every night.


BTW: Tink isn’t scheduled to come home until the 14th (tomorrow). Dixie and karliebug just got there today, and nse1 is scheduled to get there tomorrow.

Pixie Dust to all affected!!


Yeah they said 105 MPH winds and damage at the airport…Im hoping they are ok at WDW!!! Wehad damage way down here and we only got the outter edges of it…looking at pictures and video from the west coast it looks bad.


Phew, a hurricane sure oughta make for an interesting trip report! I hope Tink and Dixie both had safe trips. :smile:


as I posted on another thread … so far Dixie hasnt made it there. I am waiting to hear from her.