Tinkerbell during wishes


when the **** did they start shooting tinkerbell out of the casltle during the fireworks in the MK? i have never seen anyone ever shoot across that line in all the years i have been going there.

that has to be an amazing view. they should turn it into a ride…


Tinkerbell has been “shooting out of the castle” since opening day 1971!
I remember reading an acticle about the women hired to do it, she was from a circus family. That’s all I remember, I read it many years ago. Can’t remember where I saw the article.


Keep up Chris. Not only has this been happening, I’m gonna stunt double in March.


are you really???

i swear to god i have never seen this before. i had heard they did it, but i never saw it for real…


I’ve heard of it but have never been in the right spot to see it. I’ve always been near the carousel or towards the back of the castle when the fireworks started.

Where would be the best location to watch the fireworks and see her? Directly in front of the castle?

Hopefully, this month I will remember to make a point of looking for Tink!


ok so how the heck have you been missing this chris lol … I remember reading a story once about one of the "tinks’ having to be pushed every time.

raindrops I think the best place is in Fantasyland …but that is just my favorite … it’s like WDW resorts and rides …everyone has their own. a great place to see her come down right over you is the walk way to Tomorrowland, she glides right over your head.


Tink flew from the Matterhorn and past/behind the castle for a long time at DL and then they stopped it for years. She returned to her flight for the 50th celebration and I hope she stays. I’m glad they do it at MK too.


i was in the tomorow land restaurant in front of the castle between tomoorland and main street. she flew right over us…


She flew right past me on the last trip. It’s pretty amazing to see her all lite up flying through the sky.


she was lit up blue. she should be green


It WAS an attraction, it was called the Skyway and it sailed you across a thin wire from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland in little colorful buckets. :laugh: :tongue: Close enough, right? hehe. Unfortunately it closed down quite a while ago.


this looked like a lot more fun…besides, that skyride was an eye sore…


Here’s a link to someone who has video of it - I think in DL - not the clearest but gives you an idea I guess.

Does she fly like this at WDW?

Click on Tinkerbell link:
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Thanks of the best local suggestion. I am definitely going to make it a point to see this in person!


the one in WDW goes from the top spier in the castle over towards tomorrowland. the one in disneyland seems to go around and around.


I found a closer look at her (I am becoming obsessed now!)



all she did was wave to the crowd and fly off onto one of the buildings in the front of tommorland. to tell you the truth, i did not even see her appear. i caught her as she started to move. it was really neat to see… i watched the fireworks show from my room @ CR last october, and i did not see her. pretty neat stuff


She lands on the noodle Station! So I read!


they do that everynight?


Yes, except for nights they have hard ticket special events, which usually have their own fireworks displays.

Yes she does, I have video from one night where I just stayed on Tink all the way down the wire.

The best places to view any fireworks show in MK is in front of the castle. Anywhere that your view isn’t obstructed by trees or lamp posts. Anywhere up and down Main St. and the platform in the train station. You also have a really good view from the beach at the Poly, and you can even see Tink all the way from there. But whatever you do, you don’t want to get any closer to the castle than the middle of the hub, because the castle will start to block the fireworks. But you have to watch the show with the castle in front of you, because the show is designed with the castle to be the central point of focus.


i wish i had seen her earlier. i feel like a fool for not noticing her before…