Tinkerbell for the DS


Has anyone got the Tinkerbell game for the NIntendo DS? Was just wondering if it was any good? I have found it available to buy at £10 sterling. Wondered if it was worth buying?


The original Tinkerbell game? I’ve played it. :blush: I had fun! You play as Tink and you help the fairies make the seasons by collecting flowers, leaves, etc. The things you collect can also be made into clothes & jewelry for Tink. I don’t think there’s an end to the game - the seasons keep on coming - so it could keep you entertained for quite a while. Hope this helps! :happy:


My girls have it too . . . they like it! :happy: (Ages 10 & 5)


go for it my girls love it they are 6 and 8


brilliant. Thanks for the info guys. I am thinking about getting it for my DD who is 6. Sounds about perfect for her!


I had it for my niece Poll and she loved it, she was 5 and found it not too difficult- the graphics are so nice too, I am sure she will love it. xx