Tinkerbell in parades?


Hi Everyone! I am wondering if the parades at DL have tinkerbell in them? And if there is any way possible to get her autograph? Or am I dreaming?:tinkerbell: Thanks!


YES, Tinkerbell is in DL parade… Parade of Dreams!

[SIZE=“5”]Don’t watch this if you don’t want a spoiler…
YouTube - Tinkerbell in parade at Disneyland


Tinkerbell is featured in ‘Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams’, which shows 2 times a day and she is also in the fireworks spectacular ‘Remember…Dreams Come True’, in which she enchants the sky 2 times during the show. Other than that she usually isnt out in the parks very much, you would need to go to the Information Center in the Hub or to City Hall to ask if and when she might be appearing in the parks for Autographs.


So she is out for meet and greets if you are lucky enough to find her?


Yeah… she sits on top of the train! (Watch for Peter Pan, too… he’s a cutie)


It is on very rare occasion that she is actually out in the parks, she’s a very rare character that is out and about. In my entire life of Disneyland I have only seen her out in the parks once, which was on May 5, 2005 near Peter Pan’s Flight, doing pictures in the golden Pirate Ship along with Peter, Wendy and Hook. Other than that, thats the only time I ever see her other than in Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams.


i would be in 7th heaven if i ever got a chance to meet tinkerbell. a friend of mine and i are in preliminary talks about making a road trip to DL. i hope that when we do go, tink will be out and about for a meet and greet.