"Tinkerbell" visited our pre-k today


I was bringing in a class from being outside for “special” today and there was a sub in the room. The sub instructed the students to take their coats off and sit on the carpet for a story. I decided to stay for a few moments b/c one of the children who had gotten injured outside was finding much comfort in my lap with a book of her own.

After a ray of sunlight from the window reflected off the cover of the book she starting giggling and was reflecting the light all over the room. One of the other little girls in the room saw the light dancing around the room and SCREAMED with delight…


I thought that was one of the CUTEST things I ever heard. :heart: So now anytime I catch a reflection off my watch, or a mirror I will DEFINATELY be able to think, “Hey, maybe that is Tinkerbell!” :wink:

hehe :happy:


Cool Story Wish. I will have to use that one on Delaney.


Aww… that is so cute Wish!!! Gah, I love kids - especially at that age.

BTW, this is totally not helping my baby trip… :glare:


awwwwww how cute!!! :slight_smile:
I used to do that with a flashlight when I was little… but I knew it wasn’t her, since I had the flashlight… and my brother knew it wasn’t her, since he saw me with the flashlight… so it didn’t go over very well. But it was fun to pretend!


How cute! I love kids imaginations! I wish as we grew older that we didn’t lose that sense of imagination and innocence!


AWWWW…too cute!!!


awww, that is so cute! Children always manage to see the best in everything don’t they?


So cute! That’s what I love about teaching, a child will say something to make me smile or laugh everyday!


Cutie-cute, Wish!!


Love it! :wub:


Awwww…that is so sweet! Kids are amazing aren’t they? (then they turn into teenagers!) :ohmy:


That is so sweet! You know when the sun comes in a window or any kind of light I guess…and it makes that kind of pixie dust looking stuff floating in the air? Is that what you are talking about? Regarding that, my mom used to say Tinkerbelle was here and left some Pixie Dust for us and now I say the same thing to Joey. He gets so excited!!! Kids are the BEST and you are such a great teacher - I know they must love you! :wub: :wub:


One of those special Kodak moments :slight_smile:


Awww…how ADORABLE!!! :wub: My son is the same age…currently in Pre-K, too! Aren’t they the best??? :wub:


We don’t have to… :wink:

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