After looking all over the place online, I have yet to see a photo of Tinkerbell. I know she only comes out to fly up to the top of the castle, but I would LOVE to grab a shot this year. I know a couple of years ago I caught her out of the corner of my eye before the fireworks (On the ground I mean), so maybe someone can give me some tips on where/how to catch a glimpse of her (I just want the photo and the chance to see her go up, I wouldn’t ask for an autograph or anything :wink: )


To tell you the truth, I have never read a trip report that included seeing Tinkerbell close up. I think if you see her you are very lucky. Good luck!!


I have seen her take her flgiht, but have never seen a picture of it. That would be a treasure pciture for sure. You would have to have a serious zoom lens. It’s pretty high up.


I have one, but it’s not very clear. That pesky little fairy can really move!


Here’s another one: http://gallery.feeorin.com/albums/mk2004/aak.jpg
You can click on that one to make it larger.

And here’s a video of Tink flying from the castle: http://www.ourlaughingplace.com/media/quicktim/tinkerbell.mov


I have only seen one picture of her on the ground, she looked to be riding on a parade float with Peter Pan. I dont understand why they dont have a character of her in the parks.


That video is fantastic! I saved it to my hard drive :slight_smile:

Now just to find out from a CM where she starts her flight from so I’m there just as she comes out :slight_smile:

marks it as a challenge


She starts it from the castle, right? :huh:


Awesome video of tink, ddoll…Thanks so much.


That’s an easy one. She starts her flight from the top of the castle during Wishes and flies over the crowd past the bridge into Tomorrowland and goes behind the restaurant that used to be called Plaza Pavillion…now called The Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station.


She’s a fairy…wouldn’t it be a little strange to see a character that fits in Peter Pan’s hand as a life size human? I just don’t think it would work…


Tinkerbell is my favorite I would love to meet her, but like someone said before she is to little to be a character at the parks. I heard there was going to be a new tinkerbell movie coming out.


great video tinkerbell is my favorite, but i never have seen her fly over the castle before of in person so i would like to see her


Thats a great video clip…especially because I’ve never seen the real one. Hope we get to on our next trip!


I wouldn’t want a meet and greet. I kinda LIKE the fact that she’s so elusive.

But I could have SWORN when I saw her fly up to the Castle (I think it was 2000? Maybe 2002?), I was JUST coming out from Tomorrowland (by the bridge) and she just went past me. My memory isn’t the greatest, and I’m seeing that she goes from behind the restaurant, right up the cable to the top of the castle, so maybe she wasn’t as close to me as I thought… Am I remembering it wrong?


Wow at first that video scared me! She was like blue like a ghost… I am scarred for life now! lol :wacko: But after I realized it was during Wishes, it was so cool! I saw her kind of up close once, but still, that thing is like a treasure! Thanks for the video- I saved that one!


Yes. She starts her flight from the castle and ends at the restaurant.


Okay this is Pre-Wishes I’m thinking of, and I remember seeing her in the dusk/twilight (I don’t recall what month it was) and I could have SWORN she was going UP to START the fireworks…

scrctahes her head



You mean like a 5’ tall mouse? :tongue:


[B]Um, the little mice from Cinderella are human size characters and nobody seems to have a problem with that!!! We’re talking about Walt Disney World here and you want to say something wouldnt work because its a little strange??? What about a mouse wearing a tux? How about a duck with a speech impediment that wears a shirt but no pants?!?!?!

Disney is all about the real-unreal! Use your imagination!!! Thats it, I’m sending Figment to your house right now!!! :mad: [/B]